Zimbabwe native Modrick Buck takes his passion to the next level

With each new story, there are always humble beginnings, and Modrick Buck was no different growing up in the impoverished country of Zimbabwe. The young artist often faced challenges that would set him back, but eventually, he found an escape that came in the form of music.

From the age of 11, Modrick Buck began his interest in music. With his already natural abilities, he was able to progress rapidly in art and soon began writing songs. Modrick Buck has since moved to the UK and gained traction in its local music scene. He has even garnered enough attention to get the famous “Kidd Kidd” in a feature film he was once signed to G Unit.

Coming from a humble beginning, Modrick Buck has taught you what it takes to be successful. Now that he’s collaborating with one of the game’s greatest legends, it would come as no surprise if the Zimbabwean native would become the UK’s next emerging artist.

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