YSaucy: Brooklyn’s Rising Rapper | Seekers time

For decades, the Brooklyn borough of New York City has been home to an important and influential rap scene that has given birth to legends such as Jay Z, BIG, and Mos Def, and is still the hometown of Newer stars like Joey Bada. $$ and the recently deceased Pop Smoke. The next rapper hoping to add his name to that list is YSaucy.

Raised in Brooklyn, YSaucy became interested in rap while attending high school, but began to see its potential when he got to high school. At that point, he began to hone his craft and take rapping more seriously. Inspired by a wide range of artists, YSaucy says his biggest influence is the work ethic and determination of Atlanta rapper Lil Baby. The rapper also exerts strong self-influence and says that he is always working to improve himself. “Believe in yourself. You can’t get anywhere if you don’t really see the picture.”

YSaucy has had her fair share of obstacles to deal with throughout her life, but there has been one constant in all difficulties: her mother. “My mom was always on my side and supported my decisions and showed me how to become a man with the right work ethic and take responsibility.” The Brooklyn rapper has shown promise, especially with his latest single, “Pain.”

Follow YSaucy on Instagram here, @Ysaucy_.

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