Your mobile is now your Dhrupad Gurukul!

Yes! Surprised? Let me explain.

The Dhrupad Gurukul app, available on the Google Playstore (soon to be released for iOS users) is created and managed by Dhrupad Gurukul, Pune – a non-residential academy that teaches Dhrupad classical music on flute (Bansuri).

This is the first full learning mobile app for Dhrupad music that also provides interactive lessons! This app offers:

Musical skill test: Take this simple test and get personalized recommendations from your Guru on which lessons to choose, based on your current ability and need.

Interactive online lessons: Access detailed audio and video lessons for flute or voice (or both, if you wish). You can practice a particular phrase many times with the help of the loop option.

Easier and better practice: Complete the tasks set for you at each stage of learning, use Pakhawaj and Tanpura to practice, replay the lessons on demand until you are satisfied with your progress.

High-quality recordings: Find original and high-quality recordings of Tanpura along with various taals like Aditaal, Dhamaar, Chautaal, Tevra, etc. Pakhawaj too!

Complete learning: Learn not only the theory, but also interesting facts about Dhrupad classical music, raags, and instruments, as well as their history.

Track progress: Record your performances and share them with your Guru to get a full review of your progress and clarify doubts.

Through the app, you can also register or join Dhrupad Gurukul for your online or offline lessons.

Download the Dhrupad Gurukul mobile app today and start your Dhrupad music learning journey!

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