Young athlete and promising businessman: Mohamed Coulibaly is here to upset the status quo.

In many ways, being an entrepreneur and being an athlete are equivalent. On both sides, the mindset you need to have, the risks you need to take, and the challenges you’ll face along the way are comparable. We are witnessing the beginning of a trend where more athletes are becoming entrepreneurs as they realize the power they wield and the value of property and long-term growth in wealth.

Mohamed Coulibaly, a young businessman and soccer player from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, has tapped into the public’s growing enthusiasm for the game. While pursuing a professional football career, the Temple University business administration student built a shoe company from scratch, which he called The Heatkickcity, and grew it into a 1.5 million company. of dollars.

Mohamed Coulibaly first became interested in the game when he was three years old, and after moving to the United States from France, he upped the ante. The game has had its ups and downs for him, but his love for the game and his work ethic have kept him from giving up and striving to get better every day.

He’s using what he’s learned through sports for a variety of interests outside of the game. Getting out of the box to become “more than an athlete” can be unsettling for athletes; however, he has done it in various ways with great success.

When you work hard, there are no limits to what you can achieve. Mohamed Coulibaly has been pushing people to get out of their comfort zones and challenge their own limiting ideas. He goes to great lengths to help others gain experience and achieve success when the time comes. As a result, Mohamed Coulibaly, an entrepreneur, plans to launch a course to help young people and adults earn money more easily. Because America is a culture full of cheat codes and cheats, the traditional path to a living wage through education is too long and irrelevant.

For every aspiring entrepreneur, Mohamed says that “Everyone who wants to start a successful business needs to think about the big picture and how their decisions will affect their company in the future.”

During the early stage of Heatkickcity, Mohamed would give away $700 worth of shoes to celebrities because he was sure that in the long run he would be able to monetize the followers of these celebrities.

Another important aspect of your generosity is making connections with these influencers that will be fruitful in the long run. These tactical gifts are more about building connections and these connections will build the business empire.

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