Writrz Block invites any artist of any genre to complete a hit record in 3 hours

Writrz Block is a creative agency and studio based in New Jersey, Atlanta and DMV. Allow artists of different genres to enter a competition to complete a hit in 3 hours or less. Writrz Block’s motive is to provide an open platform for artists to showcase their talent. It’s different from other music TV shows that only show the artists and the music, but don’t show the creative process behind creating songs.

Writrz Block is the brainchild of father-son duo Bakir and James “Gotti” Floyd. Currently, the two are busy promoting Bakir Floyd’s two new singles titled “2: am” and “Questions” to make these songs count in the top 10. Writrz Block captures the creative process of artists when creating their songs. Study the mindset of artists from the creation of the hook melody to the content of the lyrics.

James got the inspiration to create Writrz Block from Queen Latifah, Will Smith, Ice Cube, etc. And it is due to its adaptability of music to the world of cinema. Many verified artists such as Tsu Surf, Irv Gotti’s new SNF JT artist, Shotgun Shuge, Tobius Tate, Darius DK, Cruch Calhoun, etc. have taken up the Writrz Block challenge in the past.

Writrz Block just launched its mobile app on iOS, where artists of any genre can challenge each other for a 24-hour dual song. The reason for this challenge is to see who creates the best song for a given track.

To showcase the uniqueness of artists and the creative process in creating songs, Writrz Block seeks to work with a major label and network. And the creative agency is working with many local artists from New Jersey, DMV, and Atlanta. For more information on Writrz Block, visit the links below.

Youtube – Writrz block

Instagram – @writrzblock

Website – https://writrzblock.com/

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