Women need to rebuild their belief system to close the gender pay gap, says wealth witch Leah Steele

Changing your mind, changing your life is not a new concept and it is not as easy as it seems, as many have discovered. However, it is absolutely possible if you are willing to get the job done.

This is why Leah Steele, widely known as The Wealth Witch, takes a holistic approach when working with women who want to break the bonds of financial slavery and create a future that is in line with their dreams and vision.

“Call it magic, call it art, whatever works for you,” says Leah Steele, who advocates for her success and the women who have followed her shows and changed their lives.

“Money is simply energy and, as women, we are educated to fear it. The gender gap is closing, but there are still many who are held back by tradition or conventions that do not serve us, ”explains Leah.

Challenging male dominance

Leah says that in the old days she probably would have been burned at the stake for her heretical attitudes and teachings. “Me and all the other healers and trainers, spiritual advisers and any woman who challenged the dominance of men in society,” she jokes.

“The spiritual community is rejected, made fun of, made to appear as if they are hysterical and insane heretics. Because when we, as spiritual people, access our true power, we cannot be controlled. We can easily see through manipulation. And that makes us the most dangerous community for the current power structure. “

It is strange that most of those marked and burned witches were women, and even today there is enormous pressure on women to conform, be the primary caregivers, give up their dreams, and operate as second-class citizens.

“This is financial slavery, an absolute difference that exists based on truly gender. Women who succeed in life give back to their communities, create generational wealth, and everyone benefits. I show women how to break the mold, how to change the way they see money and realize that what stops them is not real, it is perceived and can change, ”she says.

Passionate, vibrant, determined, Leah lives in Bali with her husband and children, a long way from her birthplace in Salt Lake City, Utah.

An only child, her single mother worked tirelessly and spent her free hours studying. Leah got lost in the books, got her first job at age 13, and realized early on that her ticket to freedom was financial independence.

He left school early to go to university, where he majored in International Business and Asian Studies. Her first job was working with a Japanese import and export company before moving to New York City and entering the publishing world and working with top clients.

She then went to work with FIFA in sports marketing for the 1999 Women’s World Cup and had her first experience in business life.

Looking for financial freedom

As he flew high in the corporate world, his mother’s words were repeated in his mind. “She always told me that I could achieve anything and I realized that being in a job, working to earn money for other people was not the way for me. I wanted financial freedom, I wanted to make my own decisions, and I felt like I was still thinking small, ”he explains.

He returned to Salt Lake City and partnered with his mother to expand their addiction treatment center business. “I was married, my children went to private schools, I had money and I still felt that something was missing, there was an imbalance in my life and my marriage began to suffer,” she says.

She writes in her journal and this is a key component of the guidance she provides to women who want to change their lives.

“If you write down your intentions, your feelings, your experiences, you begin to absorb the information more deeply. You start to see the patterns, the things that hold you back, you start to shape your dreams and from there you can shape your reality ”.

Wealth, she explains, is different for all women; it goes far beyond a healthy bank balance. “It encompasses your health, your spirituality, your belief system, and your relationships; To achieve true wealth in life, you must find your purpose and know that you are on the right track. That is why I call myself a spiritual business coach, all aspects of life must be in balance to achieve true happiness, ”she says.

Ironically, losing everything was what finally freed her. “Our two companies collapsed months apart. The multi-million dollar businesses that we built, the house, the cars, the wealth traps, it all dissolved, and that was my wake-up call, ”he recalls.

Where others would bend, Leah made the life-changing decision to start working with women, using all of her experience and skills to start a coaching business. Soon after, she packed up her family, husband, and children and moved to Bali in Indonesia, where she continued to work with clients and build a global audience.

Creating opportunities for women

“In the end I had to go through many healings, it was something I had always been interested in, but suddenly the path was clear for me, they pushed me to create opportunities for women and I carried everything I knew in my heart to create a a new path for me, which would bring about a transformation that would change the lives of other women ”, she says.

Bali was never in the cards, but by a strange twist of fate, both she and her husband heard the call and followed her intuition. The move has paid off for both of them as they live parallel and complementary lives that have brought them wealth, happiness and time with their children.

“I went through a process called The Spiral that was created by Dane Tomas to clear my emotional baggage and my conditioning. It was transformative. I became a Spiral Practitioner and became obsessed with programming deconstruction, conditioning, and the trauma surrounding money, wealth, and currency. As soon as I arrived in Bali, my business exploded like never before. I started to consistently earn over $ 25,000 a month, which was amazing at that stage of the business. Now, years later, I have developed my own Emotional Resonance Compensation modality that I use to help my clients deconstruct their stories of money and trauma. ”

Steele argues that women must own their ability to acquire wealth. Around the world, women are changing the status quo and are no longer willing to hand over responsibility to men. It is happening in homes and in businesses. His advice to women who have yet to embark on the journey that freed Steele and many of his followers is that while it may seem insurmountable, living a soul-aligned life, a life of self-control and abundance is possible.

Her popular podcast Wealth Witch guides women through their awakening: “I call money the gateway drug to spiritual wellness and I believe that all women are worthy and deserve to live the life they deeply desire.”

She is about to relaunch her signature course, Ouroboros, a cutting-edge wealth remodeling program that helps people shed their emotional conditioning and limiting beliefs around money. “Money controls you or you learn to take advantage of it and understand it to create wealth in all areas of your life,” he tells his followers.

By firmly following your own advice, you have built a life of purpose that aligns with your personal ideals. She collaborates with other women, consciously raises her children, she and her husband associate with a purpose, and the wealth she attracts is a natural extension of the work she loves.

Take back control of women

“It is time for women around the world to regain control of their lives, their futures, their happiness and their financial freedom. The days of slavery are over, it’s time to wake up, ”he tells us.

Ironically, relationships can grow and prosper as women embark on this journey to create freedom and wealth. “They are not mutually exclusive strong women and men, they can coexist, finding balance in each area of ​​life should strengthen the ties we have, but it will not always work,” he says.

Life is about taking on challenges, changing the way you think will affect those around you. For Leah Steele, it took a total collapse of her foundations to bring her here and every area of ​​her life suddenly makes sense. She is motivated but has finally found the balance that she knew was hers and plans to encourage as many women as she can on her journey to change lives and liberate women everywhere.

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