Why Urban Silks is the next disruptive revolution in the fashion industry

Ethnic design fashions are conquering the world. And guess what? Urban Silks is at the forefront of this goal. Urban Silks is a South Asian clothing retailer based in Toronto, Canada. This fashion disruptor offers clothing at affordable prices and sells men’s sarees, salwars, lenghas, kurtis and ethnic wear. Urban Silks is taking a fast fashion approach similar to Zara, shein, fashionnova and bringing it to South Asian fashion.

Arjun Mano and his family own urban Silks. Arjun’s parents handle the retail operations while Arjun handles the marketing and e-commerce.

With more than eight years of operation in the market, Urban Silks has become one of Toronto’s leaders in the fashion industry. However, the significant milestone has not been a walk in the park. This company had to keep up with the latest fashion trends from South Asia. And since these trends continue to change rapidly, staying ahead of them was one of the major challenges Urban Silks faced. However, with expert advisors, they have been able to stand out as icons and champions in the fashion industry.

Also, the business was affected by the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, causing the business to go online, which became a blessing in disguise. Also, since most of their products came from India, which has been hit hard by the pandemic, their import/export business was hit tremendously as well.

A central pillar for the success of Urban Silks has been social networks. Social networks have been helping them to know and see what customers are up to and at what time. Maintaining constant communication with their customers has helped them know what to buy and manufacture to serve them. Facebook was the perfect way to showcase their selections. Taking photos of everything they had and putting them on Facebook was a lot of work, but that was their main job, making it easy for customers to view their selections from the comfort of their home.

When a customer wanted something, they would show up at your store with their phones and show us what they wanted, see the product, buy it and walk away. Customers were looking forward to their weekly uploads, and when they weren’t uploading consistently, they’d get messages saying, ‘hey, you haven’t uploaded anything new recently. You can upload? They began to see many of their customers sharing their albums on their Facebook page, and their friends were seeing them, and eventually their Facebook page started to snowball. They’ve also advertised here and there, but it’s mostly word of mouth and the convenience of customers being able to see your products online before they even walk into the store. It was a huge time saver for them as other stores weren’t doing this and our customers loved it!

Soon, Urban Silks will ship throughout Canada and the US. It will also expand to the UK, Europe, and Australia and other retail stores in those countries. This family store that started in Toronto is an inspiration to other budding entrepreneurs within their families and friends.

For more information you can check them out at http://www.urbansilks.com or on Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok @urbansilks

Interview compiled by LuxVision Media Group Inc.

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