Why Kayla Hodges made it her mission to empower women

For years, women have faced discrimination in society based solely on their gender, limiting their opportunities to excel in life. But as more people have become educated, open-minded, and accepted, prejudice against women has slowly, but not completely, diminished.

Kayla Hodges, speaker and #1 sales coach for women under 30, knows how this ongoing bias has affected women in their careers.

Throughout her life working with Lamborghini brands, the Global Leaders Organization and people like Tony Robbins, she’s realized that women lack the confidence to ask the tough questions that are critical to making the money they want.

Seeing this, Kayla set out to empower millions of women around the world to understand how important they are and how they can achieve clarity, freedom, and power in their lives.

how could i help

As a speaker and sales coach for women, Kayla helps women learn how to live the life they want to live by teaching them confidence, leadership, and how to dominate the sales game.

“What inspired me to start my business was initially getting about nine job offers a week. Second, several companies asked me to partner with them, and third, many women asked me to help them,” said Kayla.

Kayla also met a woman who created a product that really helped change women’s lives. But she didn’t know what to do. Kayla knew that she could help and she understood that there were many other women going through the same thing.

“When I first entered a sales organization 4 years ago, I had no idea what I was doing. I had been in restaurants before that for 10 years,” she shared.

She was uncomfortable talking to people until she decided to learn sales courses for four years. After that, everything changed and she found her voice and her power to empower women in her career.

Fostering your reach

After developing her speaking and coaching skills and knowledge, Kayla has been asked by several organizations to speak with their team. Everyone she spoke to was really helped by the information she provided.

Despite all that, Kayla knows there is still more she can do for women.

“By talking to these women I was able to give them clarity, confidence, power, purpose and freedom. I knew I needed to help a lot more,” she said.

So after helping women create a better career for themselves, Kayla intends to make it her mission to help millions of women in third world countries escape violent relationships with their children.

Visit kaylahodges.com for more information.

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