Why Earl Chang aka Change thinks it’s important to grow as an artist

In the Bronx, New York, many artists are looking to make it on the music scene. This is why Earl Change, aka Change, has learned never to be complacent about where he stands and what he does.

For him, there is always work to do to be better.

always doing more

In his experience of working with younger artists and creators, Change continues to be inspired and motivated to want to do more of his craft.

“Not a day goes by that I don’t think of ways to do more, to be better. I have always been taught to lead by example, and although I have not been perfect, I have learned from setbacks and had great comebacks,” he said.

Change uses his music to communicate with his audience. He sees himself as someone who is there to help others, just as others were there to help him throughout his journey. And to ensure that he plays that role, he makes sure to constantly learn and improve throughout his journey.

Change is currently working on his second EP entitled “Never Too Late”, which he plans to release at the end of the summer.

He also just released a single titled “Mami” featuring Core from his group, SGS the Movement, and was just featured on Mack Mulla’s latest single, “Hater.”

“My favorite part of making music is performing it! I think that’s why I enjoy making music and the opportunity to perform it and touch people who are in the crowd to make that connection,” Change said.

influenced by family

According to Change, it was his family that influenced him and started his interest in music because he was always close to her since he was young.

“My uncle used to have a microphone and like 1,000 huge speakers in his garage with a PA system and he would go down there and play old reggae music and sing and dance and rap on them! There was something about seeing them with the microphone there that grabbed me and never let go,” Change said.

When he moved to New Jersey, he met Jmac, the friend who introduced him to recording music. Change now owns a recording studio in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.

In 2017, Change joined his group, SGS the Movement. Since then, they have released some projects together and some solo projects. Change also recently signed with the Mulla Gang label under a production and management deal owned by Mack Mulla.

Visit Earl Chang or Change’s instagram profile for more updates.

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