Why Brandon Beavis Founded The Investing Academy

Brandon Beavis founded The Investing Academy 3 years ago to provide Canadians with a comprehensive investment course. His goal was to educate people on how to get started in the stock market so they can set themselves up for long-term success. Although he initially started targeting Millennials, Brandon now works with students of all ages, from 16 to 87 years old.

Before beginning his journey in the investment industry, Brandon felt that he wanted a career that revolved around fitness as he was a huge sports fan. As a result, he went to get the personal training certificate from him. However, Faith had other plans for him. This field didn’t last long for him, and Brandon eventually moved away to study for his investment license. He knew that if he lived independently, it would push him to work harder to achieve his goals. So, after passing all of his exams, including CSC, CPH, WME, and 90-day Investment Advisor Training, Brandon got his license and joined his father, who ran an investment firm. Independent. This turned out to be an amazing opportunity for him as his father had years of experience working as an investment advisor and portfolio manager.

Brandon spent 4 years working under his father’s tutelage, where he helped manage multi-million dollar client portfolios. Therefore, he was soon ready to use his knowledge to build something new. To start with, Brandon created his own YouTube channel, Brandon Beavis Investing, where he began posting once a week. Even though he didn’t make any profit from it, his mission was to build a large following. Slowly and steadily, his work began to expand and more people began to subscribe to his channel. As a result, Brandon studied a variety of materials, including all business books and business podcasts, to learn about online business. He eventually launched his program, The Investing Academy, which generated amazing feedback and led to great results for students. Today, The Investing Academy has over 1,000 students across the country and offers an incredible platform for anyone who is struggling to learn good investment advice but lacks the financial education to do so. As the Academy grew, Brandon also expanded his system. He now has a fully automated team, including a sales unit, student support staff, and even experts who deliver live sessions to Academy students.

As a true educator, Brandon hopes that The Investing Academy will become a comprehensive educational platform with respective experts in their fields such as accountants, traders, and personal finance, to host live sessions every week for students, along with the course of permanent training that they already achieve.

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