Who is Sharay Hayes? The Magic Mike of the Real World

Manhattan itself is making waves

When it comes to adult entertainment, everyone knows that New York City is full of surprises. The island is packed with gentlemen’s clubs, strip clubs, nightclubs, and adult parties. And with the recent craze of male strippers and dancers making their way into Hollywood movies, therefore Magic Mike, it would only seem appropriate for the industry to identify the Magic Mike from the real world. You know, it’s that Channing Tatum-looking guy who knows how to make all the girls in the club scream for him?

Unfortunately, Channing Tatum isn’t the one to brag that New York City wows women with his physique and movements, but that’s okay, because Sharay Hayes is the one. real deal. Sharay Hayes, a 6-foot-2, 238-pound man born in Harlem, is the epitome of the masculine physique. Not only is he tall, graceful, and built, but he’s only got 7% ​​body fat, and that’s something that is sure to stand out from the crowd.

Sharay recently started on the New York City stripper scene. With a career that began as a kindergarten assistant teacher, Sharay left her job at just 22 years old to look for a job in the striptease industry – not because she felt she could do better, simply because she wanted to make an ex-girlfriend jealous. . At the time, Sharay had just been through a painful breakup with a longtime girlfriend and wanted to find a way to make her jealous. He thought that if she saw him dancing with enough random women, and if she saw them marvel at his body and overall aura, she would want him back.

However, like most breakups, this one was permanent. Sharay lost his girlfriend, and she never crawled back like she thought he would. And though loss is never something to score, Sharay did find a new profession and a new line of work that you really loved. In Manhattan, the stripper game can be quite competitive, but for Sharay, the competition was no match. Not only did he come onto the scene calmly, but he virtually built the stripper scene on his shoulders and at times quite literally.

The Punisher

Sharay acts as “The Punisher” and is known for a crazy move that puts an audience member on his shoulders, upside down. He describes it as a “standing 69 position,” a move that he believes other New York City strippers have tried to steal, copy, and claim to be theirs. However, all you need to do is take a look at Sharay performing the maneuver and you will know that this is hers.

For nearly two decades, Sharay has built his reputation as one of the hottest male exotic artists on the New York City stripper scene, and he likes it that way. Known for his antics at the club, Sharay also has a few scandals that he likes to talk about. Every now and then, you’ll have an occasional one-night stand with the overzealous fan who wants to continue the show after hours, and you always have to find a way to balance that intense attraction with your professional line of work.

Sharay takes his work as “The Punisher” seriously and doesn’t want to do anything to sacrifice his reputation as one of the most skilled and passionate male entertainers in the entertainment industry. However, he also allows that passion to shine through during each performance, sometimes leading the women to the edge of their seats during the lap dances.

What’s interesting is that for a male stripper known as “The Punisher”, Sharay was actually quite a shy kid growing up. He would have been considered almost antisocial as a teenager, and it wasn’t until he fell in love with his high school girlfriend that his true personality began to come to light. And then when she broke his heart, things broke loose from here. You could say that Sharay came out of that inner shyness, while someone else could say that he simply forced himself out of it. However it happened, Sharay certainly built a new career for himself, a new path to success, and a huge following.

Convert movements into money

Sharay is one of the most lucrative male entertainers out there today. He performs regularly every week at Hunk-O-Mania in New York City, though he does pay close attention to Harbor Nightclub, which is located in Midtown Manhattan. A regular at the club, Sharay offers everything from VIP tables to exclusive performances. Every now and then, Sharay can go home with up to $ 2,000 for her services in a single night. Not to mention, women are sometimes willing to pay over $ 500 for a VIP table to see it.

Throughout his extensive career, Sharay has appeared in more than 17,000 shows. With each and every one of his performances, he brings something new and exciting to the table. Being known as the real-life Magic Mike has caused Sharay to continually outdo himself and the movie with every new move that breaks out.

In fact, if you asked Sharay what she thinks of the movie, she would tell you that the movements and routines are decent, but that they are all amateurs! A male stripper with a sense of humor is always a nice change of pace, but you’ll quickly see that Sharay has the moves and attitude to back up that claim. In other words, Magic Mike is no match for The Punisher.

The fact is, audience members are willing to pay big bucks to see Sharay perform in New York City. He even has a few notable instances where a regular would come to see him perform every time his name appeared on the door. One fan in particular, Sharay believes, could have spent more than $ 10,000 to see him perform multiple times.

It’s that level of dedication from his audience members and fans that keeps it all interesting to him. Sharay believes that he will continue to act as a male stripper for the rest of his life, well into retirement age. And let’s be honest, if he can keep up the motions, keep up with his physique, and continue to leave women in awe every time he walks into a room, why should he stop?

If you are interested in learning more about Sharay Hayes, please visit her website, https://www.getpunished.com/ and don’t forget to check her calendar to see when and where she will act next.

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