What Makes Mr. UAE 2020 (Faisal Khan) Stand Out in the Industry of Influence

Faisal Khan was born in 1978 and is an influencer, food blogger and very successful businessman from the United Arab Emirates. He was born and raised in Dubai.

He is been known as Mr. UAE 2020 at 42, his physique making him more attractive, and his personality making him successful. He stood 5.83 feet tall and weighed around 90kg. He has captivating hazel-coloured eyes and a mixture of black hair.

He is a multi-talented individual with considerable skills, such as blogging, fashion, modelling, music, etc. Very few people in our world have such a wide range of abilities. Faisal Khan is another male model who is more than just a mannequin for marketers (Mr U.A.E. 2020). Faisal Khan began his modelling career in his early twenties. He worked for several well-known corporations. He quickly enthralled the audience and amassed a sizable fan base. He strongly prefers Hollywood; his favourite actor is Tom Cruise.

He specialised in business administration based on his educational background. He attended Westminster University and received his Diploma from ASTI Academy Dubai (Shabaka Technical Institution).

He is also the brand ambassador for Shams Al Had & co founder. This well-known as company handles wedding planning and social events.

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