Have you ever noticed when you’re on Instagram looking for financial tips on stocks, cryptocurrencies, forex and options and everyone who says they’re rich looks at Lambos but sells courses for just about everything? If they were so rich, why would they sell courses on stocks, cryptocurrencies and real estate? If that’s not your first red flag to stay away from those influencers, then what about those selling group chats that give you daily signals on which stocks to trade? By the way, that is your second red flag to let you know that he is being scammed.

If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t follow the meme pages or the Kardashians and follows the ones that provide a lot of financial information, then you need to look up the Day Trade Professor. He is the opposite of those influencers who sell you anything and everything that won’t help you succeed in the stock market. The first thing you need to know is that yes, the professor has a course that is quite extensive to understand how to trade the stock market, but guess how much it costs? FREE!! No annoying pop-ups asking you to upgrade to a higher course package or even complicated login information, sign up once and you’re in. The course breaks down what trading software to use, what brokerage you need, how to find stocks, understand support and resistance, which is the foundation of trading. It also covers indicators, price action, and trend trading. What you will enjoy about the course is its simplicity, the professor has been teaching for 8 years and it shows in how he makes short videos explaining everything you need to understand about trading. He also shows himself trading live scalps for real money, which is a nice sight, when you’re used to traders making videos of themselves trading on paper, which is trading fake money and showing fake profits.

The Professor also gives free classes on Instagram Live and Youtube live 4 times a week. He does 2 shows a night on Tuesdays and Fridays at 8pm and 9pm EST. The first program is a mindset program that is integral to understanding why you took the trade and understanding the discipline issues traders have. If he has read any trading books, he will know that this is the hardest part of being a trader, learning to control your emotions in a trade. The second program of the Professors deals with technical analysis. He shows exactly how to find entries and exits in a trade, which is his signature Friday night show. Bring members of the day trading community to the live show at random to become contestants. The way the members interact with the Professor is a sight to behold, he teaches them in a way that must be witnessed on his live show. On his Tuesday 9pm show, he goes over different lessons that cover how to trade price action, use the RSI indicator, and even break down complex content related to market trading. He constantly takes his time to answer every comment that pops up on his screen on this live show, this type of teaching is unheard of on social media and those who do something similar charge monthly subscriptions of $300-$500.

If all that information is not enough for you, it also provides a free trading journal that helps traders keep track of their trades, which is another form of mindset that traders need support with. His site: daytradeprofessor.com has all the trading books and technology you need to get ready to trade the market. The beauty of the Professor’s trading style is that it works not only for stocks, but also for cryptocurrencies, forex, and options. If you are the type of student who needs a more hands-on approach to learning, he offers 4-day webinars, which break down the AZ of business needs. He only grants 20 seats to allow for a more unique little experience, where he doesn’t end the seminar until every question is answered. Their live shows attract over a hundred students and that becomes overwhelming for many. These seminars are a must if you want to master market trading. This is the only part of the area where the Professor gets paid and when you hear what he does with the money he gets from the seminar you make him admirable. He plans to create a stock and cryptocurrency trading school. A school that will build with the money from the seminars, so it is a school built by merchants for merchants. That is a novel idea that will make the Professor a big name in the world of finance.

This is how you can communicate with the teacher:


Instagram @daytradeprofessor

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