What goals does music artist Neecy J hope to achieve in her career?

Neecy J is a music artist from the Washington, DC DMV area. Her passion for music began at a young age. As a child, she wrote songs that inspired her to pursue a career in music. Now, he has made remarkable achievements through his talent.

Their single, “Big Tipper,” has been making a huge impact on the scene, peaking at 172 on the DRT Global Charts and 47 on the DRT Global Independent Charts.

This success has prompted Neecy J to create more music to advance her career, achieve her goals, and inspire countless people with her craft.

“I am not your typical musical artist. I am a former college athlete and I also have a Master’s degree in Communication and Leadership, ”she said.

Moving towards a bigger goal

Currently, Neecy J plans to be at the peak of her career. She imagines that her music will be played in all the clubs and radio stations. Ultimately, letting people know who Neecy J.

To take a step towards that goal, Neecy J is currently working on an EP titled “Supa Natural” that she hopes to further her career.

“I want my EP to do big numbers and be the stepping stone to landing a record deal,” he said.

However, releasing a successful EP and landing a record deal isn’t just the goal Neecy J has in mind. She also has a long-term goal to help her career go through time.

Her key goals as an artist are to elevate her career to a point where she becomes known but unique from others in the industry.

Neecy J also works with a very supportive team to help her achieve her goals. She shared that they get the job done, have their best interests in mind, and believe in their craft, making her more capable of meeting the challenges in her career.

Hoping to inspire others

Another goal Neecy J has as an artist is to inspire young people to always follow their dreams and become passionate about whatever they do.

“We all have different paths in life, yet it is drive, faith and mental toughness that can get you where you want to be,” he said.

She added that she would also like to be perceived as an educated young black music artist who doesn’t fit the stereotype of how rappers are thought of.

To learn more about Neecy J, visit her Instagram account.

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