What advice does independent musician and entrepreneur Bossy Ira offer for success?

Hailing from the “Inland Empire” in Southern California, Ira Graham, better known as Bossy Ira, is an independent musician and entrepreneur who has worked day after day to consolidate his career in the hip-hop industry.

Recently, Bossy Ira has just released The Lion King Tape 2, the sequel to his first successful album, which is now available on YouTube.

Through all of his experiences in the music industry, Bossy Ira has gained a certain wisdom that could help aspiring artists or anyone else looking to start their careers.

never settle

One piece of advice that Bossy Ira would give to anyone is to never settle for less, but always give your all.

“I would tell people to set the highest expectations for themselves and even if they don’t meet them, they still tried. I also learned that you can never give up and that you have to work hard every day. I believe that if you have these few qualities, you will achieve success,” she said.

He added that he would also advise others to respect everyone but fear no one.

Another valuable tip from Bossy Ira comes from his personal experience. He knows the importance of being loyal to oneself because not everyone will and having the right people for support can boost one’s morale.

What started his career

Bossy Ira’s career began after attending a “Nipsey Hussle” concert in 2017 and was inspired to pursue music.

“I would stay up for hours watching different artists and start freestyle to instrumentals I found on YouTube, and I became obsessed with it,” he said.

He considers his greatest success so far to be being able to do everything independently as he has fully funded all of his musical projects himself.

Right now, he is focusing entirely on his business endeavors as he is also an entrepreneur looking to create improvements in American business. But that doesn’t mean he’s going to pass up his music career.

The indie music artist is also taking his time to work on a new project that he considers some of his best work to date as he believes it can be a game changer.

“I think I can cement my place in hip-hop when I decide to release it, but right now I’m working on it and perfecting my sound. I will release it next year and look forward to a full project with certified successes. I might get some freestyles out from time to time until then, but I’m really excited about this next project,” he said.

Stay updated on Bossy Ira through his instagram page or hear your new album on youtube.

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