Ways to rock a spring cocktail

Here in H-Town, we are all familiar with the old joke that Houston only has two seasons, the “hot season” and “less warm season. Joking aside, spring has officially arrived and it’s time to savor the daffodils, feast on the returning bluebonnets, and enjoy the cool breeze (while they’re still cool, sure). It’s no secret that Houstonians don’t always need a reason to throw a party, but we have some deliciously tantalizing tips that will inspire you to throw a big party to celebrate the return of spring.

Suggestions for a superior spring party

Make a plan: Parties are all about having fun, but throwing a spectacular party is serious business and planning is key to the success of any party. Preparing may seem obvious enough, but ask any business coach, executive, or hospitality professional and they will all tell you that preparing for success is the best way to avoid disaster. Planning a spectacular evening will save you a lot of time and stress. Consider making a checklist so you can keep track of everything you and your guests need for a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Keep it simple: One of the most important but often overlooked tips for a successful party is to keep things simple and straightforward. As you plan your top spring party, make sure your preparations are as simple as possible. We know that everything is bigger and better in Texas, but that is not exaggerating. Dealing with too many details and complications can be overwhelming and take all the fun out of the celebration. You can easily create a fabulous party that is super simple and sensationally elegant.

Make it cool: Spring brings fresh and light energy. With this in mind, keep the color scheme and table settings light with springy pastels and soft, creamy hues. If you’re serving food, consider using fresh spring greens and keep the food bright. For example, consider serving delicate snacks that are light on the palate and stomach. Of course, no spring festival is complete without fresh flowers. Choose spring flowers like tulips or daffodils. Include fresh sprigs of greenery to complete that happy springtime theme. Keep in mind that spring is all about revitalizing, refreshing, and renewing. The overall feel of your spring cocktail should inspire vigor and celebration.

Lively Libations for Spring – With or Without Spikes!

Spring cocktails are perfect to start a spring atmosphere. Whether you’re ordering whiskey or getting tequila on Twitter, spring sips are sure to get you and your guests toast to the season. The rules for a perfect party apply to making perfect spring cocktails too … keep it fresh, simple, and easy. Some of the best holiday drinks are the simplest, but that doesn’t mean they’re lacking in guts! Nailing down the basics for some easy cocktail recipes and adding garnishes is a great way to wow party guests.

For example, add fresh strawberries to your libations. Strawberries are reaching their prime during this time and are a sublime spring drink. Consider making a large batch of lemonade and adding it to a fresh strawberry blender. Puree to desired consistency and pour into glasses over ice. Add vodka or rum for a brilliant version of this jazzy drink. Either way, this is a refreshing drink that will make spring party guests feel rosy.

Another premium product at this time of year is cucumbers. You can make a super simple cucumber agua fresco by mixing just a few ingredients in a blender. Combine about a pound of fresh cucumbers (ends cut, peeled, and coarsely chopped) with 1/2 cup lemon juice, 1/2 cup sugar, and about 1, 1/4 cup fresh mint (stems removed) in a blender with 1, 1/4 cups of water. Mix everything well and pour into glasses through a strainer. This is an invigorating spring drink on its own, but when you add it with vodka or gin, this fresh cucumber water turns into an invigorating spring sensation!

We know these party planning tips and cool cocktail ideas will make you the superstar in your neighborhood. Your guests will rave about your party prowess and you’re sure to be the talk of the block! Who knows, once you have a successful spring hit, you just might become the best spring party planner in Houston! Hey, it could happen! Regardless of how you celebrate, stay safe, have fun, and we hope you enjoy creating great memories with friends and family this spring.

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