Washington DC artist Ayye Moe talks about those who have inspired him musically

The journey into music for singer-songwriter and producer Ayye Moe was a quick and life-changing decision. After deciding to give up the opportunity to return abroad for another professional basketball season, he discovered the desire to pursue music and followed it. Now looking back on his career that began in 2017, he relates that his greatest achievement has been becoming a musician. Ayye Moe explains, “Regardless of what people thought, I went after that. Learning to sing is also up to the task [as an achievement]. I still have a lot to learn. I’ve only been singing a few years. Singing is not easy to learn. It is very difficult and requires a lot of dedication, time and practice. It’s also scarier than anything I’ve come across on a basketball court. When you go on stage and sing a cappella, it’s never an easy feeling. Fortunately, I always believed it was good. Even when it wasn’t. “

In a personal interview, he also spoke of those who have inspired him musically. He says: “My musical influences vary because I listen to artists for different things. However, I have two lists that have been quite set in stone for a long time. I have a list of artists that I listen to because I appreciate their style of music. “Ayye Moe’s first list includes the likes of Trey Songz, R Kelly, and Justin Love, among others. She then described her second list, which are the artists that he listens from a technical point of view and, almost like studying film, uses it as an opportunity to analyze his voice and how it is operated. This list features Avery Wilson, Pink, Jessie J and Adam Lambert. This variety of influence has helped a lot. in Ayye Moe’s progression from simply a rap and hip-hop artist to a singer-songwriter.

Ayye Moe initially did not receive the full support of those close to her when she left basketball to pursue music and, although she has been successful in her musical pursuits since then, there are those who still doubt or disagree with her decisions. Describe this as the toughest challenge you face on a day-to-day basis. However, his determination and mindset have gotten him to this point, and he’s confident that it will take him to new levels of success.

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