Vladimir Novosselov on Clean Vegan Cosmetics for a Better World

In association with the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Rise Above The Disorder, [The Jed Foundation]It Gets Better Project and [Trans Lifeline], Giving Palette presents its line of cosmetics later this year. Created with clean vegan formulas that are cruelty-free, Giving Palette is approved by PETA and Leaping Bunnies.

The eyeshadow boxes are designed without mirrors, to increase the use of sustainable materials. Instead, each eyeshadow palette ships with a message inside thanking you for supporting the organization that inspired the palette.

Giving Palette is the brainchild of Vladimir Novosselov, an internet entrepreneur from Vancouver, British Columbia. Vladimir created Giving Palette because he felt that the beauty industry has an engaged online community and plenty of room to innovate new products.

“Beauty with a purpose is an idea that has been around for decades, but it seems like a lot of brands haven’t really focused all of their businesses on it,” says Vladimir. “Giving Palette was created in response to these needs.”

While Giving Palette offers customers high-quality makeup products, those who shop on the site will also find that their purchase supports charities associated with each beauty product.

Giving Palette employs a team of chemists and makeup artists who develop new formulas for each line of eyeshadow products. Giving Palettes are designed to be versatile and work with many skin tones, ages, or styles. Giving Palette products have been carefully formulated without parabens, talc, mineral oil, or bismuth oxychloride, making them safe for all skin types, including those sensitive to gluten. In addition, they are suitable for vegans. This means you can get beautiful color on your lids knowing you’ve helped support charities like the Make A Wish Foundation and Trans Lifeline at the same time.

Using what we’ve learned from working with communities and creators online, we plan to spread the word about the nonprofits Giving Palette works with by amplifying their voices online. Among the first organizations to present themselves in this way was Trans Lifeline, a nonprofit organization that provides free and confidential 24/7 services for transgender people in North America. By being included in the Pride Eyeshadow Palette, we aim to spread the Trans Lifeline message in an entertaining way by combining beauty and charity.

We’re excited to share the Giving Palette story with you and hope it inspires others who want to give back. The company is a response to the needs in the beauty industry, we are excited to see where it goes from here. Visit Giving Palette on the company website http://givingpalette.com

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