Using technology with attractive marketing skills, Shailen Vandeyar has become a successful digital expert

Vandeyar’s creativity and innovation has led to his TikTok page, @Laugh, engaging more than 1.2 million people.

Technology has transformed the operation of companies, becoming a stimulus for a global change in terms of doing business. It has had a huge impact on the world and has revolutionized digital and multimedia businesses. Due to the change brought about by the technological world, few entrepreneurs accepted it and shaped their business accordingly; others sat on the fence and watched the changes in the new market. But after so many years, most companies have moved online to reap the rewards of being relevant in the industry. This has paved the way for young entrepreneurs, few of whom have changed the digital marketing industry by introducing new technology reforms. One such dynamic mind, who has achieved success with her adaptive skills and visionary marketing strategies, is Shailen Vandeyar from Australasia.

Vandeyar has inspired many young entrepreneurs through his vision of including the latest technology in the workplace. With the evolution of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, etc., there has been a rise of online influencers and marketers. These influencers gained massive popularity online and achieved astonishing success. It wasn’t long before brands banged on their doors to market and advertise their products due to the reach of the influencer’s audience. Vandeyar is also an expert and influencer and has optimally used these platforms not only to feast on personal glory, but also to improve the operation of online buying and selling. Achieved success on short video app – TikTok and millions of people.

Vandeyar created the largest media account called @Laugh on TikTok and exponentially increased the audience engagement rate on the social media portal. Therefore, it is not surprising that Vandeyar’s account is considered one of the most prominent. At just 25 years old, Vandeyar has become a technology entrepreneur who has improved profitability for brands through the use of creative advertising content. @Laugh has officially passed 1.2 million engagements and continues to grow rapidly. Not only did he become an influencer, but he also led other content creators. Vandeyar has had the opportunity to work with renowned content creators, including Neil Henry, Jimi Jackson, Marty, and Michael and Michael Fallon. Vandeyar has created lucrative opportunities for content creators with optimal use of technology to maximize engagement in the medium and has expanded his reach as an entrepreneur in the world of technology.

In Australasia alone, Vandeyar has generated the most engagement online and has become the leading name in the business. Shailen Vandeyar’s optimization of technological advancements, coupled with generating identifiable content, has made him a highly sought-after digital media entrepreneur.

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