Up-and-coming artist Yunglo is turning heads

Born and raised in St. Louis, Illinois, Yunglo has always been interested in music. When he was younger, his parents used to play a lot of hip-hop music around the house, and he developed a love for her from the beginning. When his family packed their bags and moved to Indiana, Yunglo used to turn to music to escape from an unknown place.

All the time he spent on his music accumulated. He spent hours a day working on different ways to perfect his sound and learn the tricks of the trade. Having the opportunity to work for some great artists when it was promising has helped Yunglo build and maintain connections throughout his career that help him to this day.

Being a freelance artist in today’s music industry has been quite difficult for most of the people trying to make their way onto the scene. Artists have to scratch and claw at the doors of record labels just to get a chance. For Yunglo, on the other hand, he has a plan in place and is following it accordingly.

Yunglo believes he has the formula to make this happen on his own. Even in a world where being a freelance artist has never been more difficult, you are still up to the task. A bold statement for an up-and-coming star, but only time will tell if it’s legit or not.

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