TyLoTheGentleman Releases Debut Single ‘Wano Piece Intro (One Piece)’

Hailing from New Jersey, rising hip hop artist TyLoTheGentleman has been making moves on his way up. The artist, still early in his career, made his debut on all major platforms last year. The creative offered a full-length album as his first work, accumulating more than 100,000 views on the project to date.

TyLo made his comeback in 2021 with a recent release called ‘Wano Piece Intro (One Piece)’. The track is just over a minute in listening time, offering quick listening. The rapper features cadences with lyrics that flex his lifestyle and speak to how hard he has worked to prove others wrong. The song features an interesting 808 heavy instrumental with a taste of Chinese style.

You can listen to ‘Wano Piece Intro (One Piece)’ below:

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