Travis Bailey, Central Valley Alarm: Central Valley Alarm: An Innovative Approach to Comprehensive Security Systems

Our homes are evolving into smart centers, packed with technologically advanced devices like smart TVs and virtual assistants. However, there will always be criminals who would rather steal from others than try to create something for themselves. That is why it is more important than ever to invest in security systems to protect any type of property.

Would your existing security measures be adequate if an attacker broke into your property? If not, take a moment to discover the benefits of investing in security systems by looking at an example from a leading company in the field.

Meet the founder: Travis Bailey

Travis Bailey is a talented young entrepreneur who knows how to take advantage of discouraging situations in life. Travis started his first job after a turbulent and sometimes terrifying adolescence, believing that if he worked hard enough, he could achieve his dreams. After too many times being scammed by a company and losing everything because he was not paid properly, Travis found the courage to pursue a new purpose in his life.

Travis now owns Central Valley Alarm (CVA), a one-of-a-kind full-service surveillance company based in Modesto, California, dedicated to helping local homes and businesses acquire the best security measures available.

Core values ​​of the company

There are numerous security firms on the market, and CVA’s strategy in this highly competitive environment is to maintain impeccable quality and security in its services and products.

The hallmark of the company is a friendly and united team that does its job conscientiously. Thanks to strong teamwork and continuous innovation, the company has held a leading position in the local security systems market.

“We always listen to our clients’ requests and complete the work as efficiently as possible, as if we were doing it“ on our own ”. The fundamental principles of our work are high professionalism, customer orientation and the use of high-quality equipment and services, ”says Travis Bailey.

All of this allows CVA to advance step by step towards its ultimate goal of securing the entire city.

Innovation and technology

Technology is changing the world and we are changing with it. In collaboration with the world’s leading equipment manufacturers, CVA offers advanced security solutions. Surveillance and security systems offer multiple smart options to monitor your commercial or residential property from anywhere and at any time. Easy-to-use access control devices allow you to prevent employee theft by restricting access to different areas within your building, while also keeping track of user traffic as it is dated and registered for each card only. Last but not least, CVA offers solar energy services and facilities, making your property more efficient while reducing your utility bill and reducing your carbon footprint.


Many people practice standalone installation of various modules of the security system. But still, there are quite a few subtleties to the process that only professionals can handle. If you live in Modesto, plan to install security systems, and want everything to be done efficiently and reliably, the specialists at Central Valley Alarm will be happy to assist you! They only have competent systems, reasonable prices, and the best recommendations.

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