TorontoRoom Instagram page is creating new opportunities to showcase Canadian talent

TorontoRoom is a popular Instagram page created by a person named JS. JS wanted to expose more social media that would take him to Canada. JS is a citizen of Toronto, Canada, who grew up there and currently lives there as well. Like most people, he also wanted to earn more and more money in his life and wanted to live happily. At the young age of 13, he began reporting. He was not very good in his studies but he managed to pass his classes.

Later, he decided to start his own news page, as he felt there were very few pages in Canada that helped artists. There were famous sites like 6ixbuzz, Wave room and some more. But these did not show much interest and concern for the upcoming artists and bands in Canada. And Canada needed a news page that was more interested and concerned about the music and artists who would represent Canada in a world forum. This was solved by JS, who is the founder of the TornotoRoom page.

TorontoRoom is the home site for local Canadian musicians, bands and artists. Covers the latest controversies on news, funny skits, and MEMS. Bring joy to your day through these artists who help everyone start a joyful day. TorontoRoom started on April 8, 2020. During the pandemic, it also provided daily updates on the COVID situation. As we all know, most young people are not very interested in watching the news through traditional media. TorontoRoom used its platform to spread awareness among young people through its pages.

TorontoRoom is actually a booster for Canadian artists and their recent music. The TorontoRoom pages give exposure to such local musicians and artists. JS has had a hard time bringing fame and a following to TorontoRoom. It has also extended TorontoRoom to other platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Spotify. TorontoRoom is now a famous and well-known page that has more than 217 thousand followers on Instagram in just one year. TorontoRoom is one of the fastest growing Canadian news sites.

TorontoRoom was not created to make money, but to provide a platform where an artist can share their work, capture the attention of the audience and become famous. TorontoRoom offers paid promotional posts for future artists and gives them visibility. It also allows you to post to your TorontoRoom Premiere YouTube page and also your official Spotify playlist which offers more than 6k listeners. Most of the fan base is in Canada. In addition to Toronto, they also have a following in New York and around the world.

The TorontoRoom page has attracted the attention of Chromazz, Lil Berete, Killy, Whyg, Duvy, Bundog, Sickppl, Roney, AvPaisley, Skimmy Bets, and many more. TorontoRoom has interviewed several famous Tiktokers such as Carly Sarah, YYZ Sasha, Lessica, Zertheus, Frosty, Michello Armijo, and many other popular personalities. TorontoRoom’s official website is coming out soon, and according to JS, it is expected to attract more than a million followers.

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