Top tips for car maintenance during the summer season

While most people keep up with their winter car maintenance, summer car maintenance is never their business. With the carefree vibe of summer, they casually drive their car down the roads until their car forces them to pull over one fine day.

The importance of summer car maintenance cannot be underestimated. Since summer is just around the corner, we bring you some simple tips for car maintenance during the summer. Have a look.

No one would like the idea of ​​sitting in your car, fuming like a chicken in the oven. It is impossible to survive the summer without air conditioning, and therefore the first thing to do is test your car’s air conditioning.

If your air conditioner is blowing hot air and it was unable to maintain temperature, it could be due to low refrigerant levels. Feed the system with a can of coolant to give it a boost. If this trick fails, take your car to a professional.

If your car runs smoothly, the credit goes to the fluids that keep the various systems in their best shape. Before summer hits, check your fluid levels.

Check the antifreeze (coolant) level. Make sure the water and coolant are at an acceptable level. Check oil on level ground. Make sure the color of the oil is brownish amber. If you find dirty black liquid adhering to the dipstick, rinse it off and coat it with fresh oil.

Also, check your brake, transmission, and power steering fluids before hitting the road in the summer.

Keeping your tires in optimal condition is essential in all seasons, be it summer, fall or winter. Driving on worn tires can be dangerous. Worn tires are very susceptible to blowouts. Even minimal wear can make braking and handling difficult.

Check the tires for excessive or uneven tread wear and bumps on the sidewalls. If you see these signs, buy new tires for your car. Also, check the pressure of your tires to make sure they are not over or under inflated.

Check the tire in the trunk. It should be inflated.

Your car’s brakes prevent you from hitting other vehicles, pedestrians, and anything else that gets in your way. Keeping them in tip top shape is paramount for their safety.

Since brakes work in extreme conditions, be sure to stay ahead with their service and maintenance.

Be on the lookout for issues like a lack of stopping power and squeals, grinds, or grunts. If you feel that something is wrong with the brake system, have it checked immediately.

After working too hard all winter to remove ice, snow, and frost from glass, you need to pamper them before summer. Also, it is necessary for your safety.

Check the wiper blades for breaks, cracks, or cracks. If they detect signs of damage, replace them immediately as they will not perform optimally, hampering visibility.

Next, check the headlights. If they are dim, get replacement headlights without any delay. Also check the taillights and brake lights.

Dust, dirt, and other contaminants hamper the performance of the car. Accumulated dirt in the engine can interfere with gas mileage, while dirt in the cooling and heating system can affect the quality of the air inside the car.

Get rid of all the dirt. Clean or change cabin and engine air filters, if necessary.

The bottom line

Your car needs constant attention and care 365 days a year. Each season has its own auto maintenance needs. After a harsh winter, show your car some love. These tips can help you prepare your vehicle for the summer.

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