Tom McPherson: an inspiring young entrepreneur driven by the desire to innovate

Australian entrepreneur Tom McPherson is the brains behind the highly successful automotive membership platform, Motor Culture Australia, along with several other exciting budding business ventures. Whenever possible, he shares his experiences with budding entrepreneurs and hopes to be an inspiration.

“I have a mission to inspire others not only by creating successful businesses, but also by being extremely diverse and adaptable,” he says. “I want to show that there are many ways to create wealth, but most importantly, I want to inspire people to pursue happiness first and money second, because you will only be successful when you have both.”

The story behind the success

McPherson began his working life in the hotel industry, but he always longed to start his own business. When he finally launched into his first business at the age of 19, he did not get a positive return on his investment, so he closed it. Over the next year, he tried again with four more businesses, all doomed to failure.

Meanwhile, McPherson began to see returns on his cryptocurrency investments. And it was in that moment that he suddenly realized that he could make a real difference in an industry he was passionate about. Many car enthusiasts across Australia were complaining about how exclusive their community had become. Negativity and harassment were rampant, and the ‘hoons’ were creating a bad reputation within the industry due to their unsafe behavior.

A community that inspires

McPherson realized suddenly that there was a void that needed to be filled. With the founding of Motor Culture Australia, he created a safe, welcoming and inclusive community for car lovers, which has since grown to over 100,000 members in a short space of time. In fact, the platform is so successful that McPherson is constantly expanding its services and has plans to internationalize it.

Tips for budding entrepreneurs

“I failed several times before I experienced any success,” says McPherson. “So never give up on your dreams. Learn from your mistakes and move on. Being innovative means having to adapt, so don’t feel like you always have to stick to your original plan. Things change, and it’s okay as long as you change too. “

McPherson adds that he strongly encourages prospective entrepreneurs to actively seek out new opportunities and ways to invest money.

“Be prepared to take risks. Trust me, if you never change what you are doing, you will never change what you get out of life. “

Finally, McPherson emphasizes the importance of executing his plan.

“The only thing more important than having a good business plan is executing it. In my own experience, I have found that there is never a “perfect” time to start. There is no secret here, the key is to do it and learn as you go. I learn something new every day and by no means consider myself a business or investment expert, but I execute my ideas and pursue success rather than waiting for it to occur to me. “

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