Tips to effectively manage your energy to be productive

Have you ever felt like your age is catching up with you? At our peak, we have an unlimited supply of energy. We can go straight into a night of heavy drinking right after work and still be up the next day to headline an important presentation. The adage, “youth is wasted on youth,” is never truer when we juggle our profession and our social and family life. Wanting it all is not wrong, but we must accept the reality that time is limited. The only way to overcome this is to have enough energy to tackle your tasks, even the ones that aren’t that important.

We always talk about time management, but only a few discuss energy management for productivity.

Here are some tips for being your own Superman and Wonder Woman and getting things on your to-do list day after day.

Productivity knows no time

Dispel the idea that productivity is directly related to waking up early. This mantra is not for everyone. Not all of our early risers and not all are able to process and churn life events and data in the wee hours of the morning. Having a day job and side hustle, combining it with your extracurricular activities, and putting your social life in the mix can be overwhelming. Being an early riser won’t guarantee great results in all respects, and you’ll still have extra time for tasks like mowing your lawn, organizing your built-in closets, or stocking your spice shelves. A built-in closet is a custom designed closet accessory in any room that can hold all of your things. This tight fitting facility would help organize your personal belongings, from your winter clothes to shoes, summer dresses, hats, jewelry and accessories; everything and anything is here.

However, it is common sense to buy early to start, earlier to finish the mindset. But evaluating yourself and dispelling this belief is one more step toward being genuinely productive.

know yourself

Energy management begins with identifying peak hours. You can determine this scientifically by experimenting. Find the pattern of your most productive time of the day and correlate this with how you feel. Monitor your work habits for a week and write down the times you have done most of the work. Also consider your feelings with this achievement: are you tired, bored, or energetic?

Take advantage of high energy hours

Block these energy blast periods and schedule effectively. Dedicate lower-priority and lower-priority tasks to low-energy points of your day. You can schedule them before or after high energy time slots. Spend your high-energy hours on high-priority tasks, that is, tasks that require mental energy and concentration.

Here nothing is set in stone; obviously, family matters are the top of the food chain, so to speak. There will be times when the high energy time frame will be for the family, and that’s not bad.

There is no right or wrong way to use this technique. Everything will depend on your circumstances. Understanding and giving in to your biological clock is the key to time and energy management. Going against your body and its preferences would lead you into a pit of endless exhaustion, overwhelming tasks, and frustration.

Pro tip is to listen carefully to your body and what you want, prioritize your relationships, and value your career. This way, you don’t get exhausted and stay focused to get things done.

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