Tips from top fitness model and influencer Simone Etere on growing Instagram

Simone Etere is a fitness model, influencer, and fitness coach for hundreds of men and women. He started his influencer career from scratch with a desire to share his fitness journey and help other people on theirs. Simone reached 1 million followers in just one year and shares some tips to grow her following on Instagram.

How are people distinguished on Instagram?

Simone Etere: Pick your niche and then do your research. Find out what you can do differently from others, a specific niche in which you are an expert. Find what you are passionate about, define who you want to be and what you want to do in the industry, how you can stand out. Be true to yourself, be honest, people will like you more when you are genuine, they can see through the falsehood.

What about the content, how does that fit in?

Simone Etere: Content is everything, create valuable content that people want to see. Your content should start a conversation with them, it’s not about what you want to see, they won’t care about that. It’s about connecting with them, making them see you as a resource, and providing them with a benefit to come.

How do you keep the content interesting?

Simone Etere: Consistency is vital. Work on it every day, even if you don’t want to. I worked a full-time corporate job while building my following and my program. I had to take advantage of my downtime. On the weekends I would take all my photos and videos and edit and post them when I had my coffee every morning. Plan your content, stay on message so it doesn’t get boring, if you stop being consistent, people won’t stick around.

We noticed that you always use hashtags, how important are they?

Simone Etere: I built my brand using hashtags. Using the same ones as other people that interest me, trying to reach like-minded people, can increase engagement and follower count very quickly. Use relevant hashtags, do your research to see what competitors are using, keep an eye out for hashtag trends. Learn all you can, hashtags are key to growth on Instagram.

Etere works with people around the world to help them achieve their mental and fitness goals, eat healthy, and establish a healthy lifestyle, with the body they love. Connect with him on Instagram and check out Get Fit with Simone here.

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