TIENS Group initiates a new development in the global healthcare industry

On August 3, 2021, the World Global Health Industry Development Forum was held in Tianjin, China. The forum acts as a platform where industry leaders and stakeholders from different sectors come together to discover potential areas for innovation and improvement in the global healthcare industry.

Forum guests will discuss healthcare industry challenges and how to address them in the post-pandemic era. China, which has become a severe and exemplary leader in the global post-pandemic era, is leading the trend of changes in the healthcare industry. The global health sectors, especially in Asia, have benefited greatly from China’s supply chain model and the innovation brought about by the Belt and Road Initiative.

TIENS Group is a representative group in China’s large healthcare industry, and this role has been one of the main reasons for its remarkable growth. Li Jinyuan, president of TIENS Group, connected with several foreign journalists through the forum and discussed the design and efficiency of the large healthcare industry. TIENS Group is the mouthpiece of the great healthcare industry both in China and around the world today, and its presidents will take advantage of this platform to explain their efforts and how they have received help from the Chinese government. As a strong supporter of the Belt and Road Initiative, the TIENS Group makes no secret of how this progress has helped them.

The global development of all Chinese companies is keeping up. TIENS Group enjoys a great reputation in the world today and proudly carries the “Made in China” label on its excellent health products. Currently, its business has expanded to Europe, Asia, Germany, Russia, Africa and other regions of the world. Additionally, TIENS Group has warehouses in many countries, covering most of the world through its expanding operations.

TIENS Group is expected to lead the future development of the large healthcare industry because it has excellent facilities around the world covering almost the entire world. Another contribution of the TIENS Group is that it has changed the way citizens of the world view Chinese companies. Today, you are driving this initiative and are ready for a new wave of change to come.

TIENS Group has been involved in the great healthcare industry for 26 years. It has accumulated deep experience in domestic and foreign markets, established fluid channels, accumulated a large number of clients, and formed a well-known brand. As a result, it maintains the balance in the field of healthcare industry both at home and abroad. TIENS Group is willing to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with domestic and foreign companies through this broad platform to jointly promote the development of the health industry and make a greater contribution to the health of the world’s citizens.

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