This Ottawa Vice President’s Passionate Approach To Real Mortgage Solutions

Tony Madi’s interest in real estate began at home. Conversations over meals and late-night talk often revolved around market fluctuations, rates, prices, and locations. “Growing up in a real estate-oriented family,” he says, “when this topic came up, it was like we had switched to another language – I soon realized this would be a lifelong passion.” “Real estate” is Madi’s fourth language; he also speaks English, French and Persian fluently.

Another important aspect of Madi’s youth was his involvement in residential and commercial property management, first with his family’s portfolio and later managing his own. His intuitive understanding and passion for property led him to buy in the real estate market at just 22 years old. He also completed his Bachelor of Science at the University of Arizona and began working in the heavy civil engineering industry, focusing primarily on bridge construction and deep foundations. His infrastructure work spanned Canada and the US “It presented a real challenge, balancing work and home life, especially since I was flying to different cities every week,” explains Madi. Family, for Mr. Madi, is a high priority, as is having multiple sources of income; That is why he has always kept up with the thriving real estate markets, keeping abreast of current trends and volatility.

“When the opportunity presents itself, you analyze it. Once he can see how all the pieces fit together, he takes action,” says Mr. Madi, speaking of his recent career advancement, which allows him to put his real estate knowledge to good use. Positioned as Vice President of Production at a leading modular construction company, Mr. Madi has engaged his extensive network of Ottawa real estate investors, entrepreneurs and developers. His work in this innovative industry, which produces residential, commercial and institutional buildings, keeps him immersed in the movement of the market in real time, with first-hand knowledge of key fluctuations, trends and opportunities. Her executive position allows her to spend more time on her exciting pursuit: getting those looking for loans into mortgages they can afford and understand.

While Covid has brought myriad challenges, Mr. Madi feels this is the best time for investors to engage with the real estate market. When asked about the impact of Covid, Madi paused for a long time before giving her thoughtful response. “Covid gave me the opportunity to slow down, re-evaluate my priorities and choose the path that is right for me. Evaluation: It’s the same approach I use with my clients, you know. Life is busy and it can be a struggle, but a mortgage is a serious consideration. You need someone who doesn’t rush the process, someone who is strategic. One of the biggest things that Covid highlighted for many people is that a single source of income is often no longer enough. What I do is provide a service that enables an additional passive income stream – Covid really showed the importance of this, and owning property is one of the strongest ways to avoid the impact of inflation on your personal finances.”

His vast knowledge of the market is exactly what you would expect from a science professional, resulting in a formulated approach that creates a unique personalized path for his clients. Combined with his passion for the market, it’s easy to see how he has taken his place at the forefront of real estate.

“Mortgage brokers don’t work for individual lenders; They are independent. That’s what I love: my work is not focused on the lender, but on the client. I can offer advice on a wide range of lenders, advise on which mortgage products will best suit your individual needs, and explain the size of mortgage you can afford. Each person’s situation is unique based on their financial situation and needs. It is essential to work with someone who will explore your options and find the best solution.”

From conventional mortgages and pre-approvals to refinancing, construction loans and home equity lines of credit, Tony Madi is truly passionate about the services he provides.

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