Things to pack for a weekend trip to the beach

The sun has risen and beach time has officially arrived. If you’re going to take a weekend trip to the beach soon, here’s what you won’t want to forget:


Sunscreen may be a known beach necessity, but you can never be sure. When you’re out in the sun all day, be sure to pack the recommended use of SPF 30 (or higher) to protect yourself from UV rays.

Hat, sunglasses and lip balm

Oversized baggy hats, sun visors, or baseball caps are good beach hats to protect your face from a day in the sun. You also can’t forget your sunglasses to protect your eyes and a lip balm to protect your lips from flaking.

Beach lounger, towels and umbrella

Whether you prefer to use a beach chair or a towel, if you spend a weekend at the beach, you need to make sure you are comfortable for hours on end. Choose a folding chair that is easy to transport and comfortable. If you are going to tan, don’t forget to bring your towels. Regardless, towels are a must have for the beach, and you want to make sure there is one for everyone. Finally, a beach umbrella is essential for when you want to protect yourself from the sun for a few hours.

First aid box

Pack a small first aid kit to take with you on your getaway. It may be beneficial to carry alcohol wipes and bandages in the beach bag for minor emergencies. Hopefully you will never have to use it, but you better be safe and go!

Beach toys

A volleyball is an essential beach for most people, especially if you are traveling with a larger group. Gather a team and organize a mini tournament, maybe the losing team can be tasked with taking all the beach gear to the cars or to the hotel after the game. If you are traveling with younger children, be sure to also bring beach toys to keep them entertained and occupied throughout the day. Who doesn’t like to build a sand castle?

Portable speaker and phone charger

Brighten the day with your favorite jams on the beach. Nothing beats creating an uplifting atmosphere with music and some of your favorite people. Also, don’t forget a portable phone charger so you can commemorate your time with photos and videos.

Extra clothes

Swimsuits and beach cover-ups are a must for a day at the beach, but it’s important to bring some extra clothing just in case. Pack some extra shorts, dresses, shirts, and swimsuits for the beach. The beach can be messy, and you should make sure you have something to change into if your clothes become useless. Lastly, if you plan to be at the beach all day, remember that it tends to get a little colder at night. Pack a lightweight sweater or sweatshirt, and maybe sweat pants to keep you warm at night, especially if you’re staying late enough to build a bonfire.


Pack some of your favorite drinks and snacks in a cooler to make your weekend getaway that much better. Nothing is better than laying on the sand with a drink in hand and sipping a refreshing drink while occasionally indulging in delicious delicacies.

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