The story behind Muhammad Al Andalusi’s Arabic startup

Author: Althea chokwe

Language education is a booming industry in the digital space, from various apps to polyglot YouTubers taking advantage of the massive interest in Spanish, French, and other popular modern vernacular languages. Arabic is also highly sought after, considering that 500 million people speak it (in a multitude of dialects) and that it occupies a position revered as a sacred language among Muslims around the world.

Be it religion or general curiosity, the drive to learn Arabic is fueled by an international need for independent teachers and established schools to teach it. Some entrepreneurs have been in charge of offering this type of course, becoming favorable alternatives to the regular classroom. Muhammad Al Andalusi, 27, is a respected Arabic language guru among an online community of Muslim influencers, with his own online school and loyal following. The history of the Andalus Institute is illuminating in the way it captures and keeps customers hooked on its online services.

People often wonder how Al Andalusi could claim that fluency in Arabic can be achieved in just 15 months. What they don’t realize is that he is fluent in five languages ​​in total. The entrepreneur is a native of Barcelona, ​​with an initial knowledge of Catalan and Spanish. He then flew to Paris as a teenager and later found himself in Cairo, adding French, Arabic and English to his repertoire. Followers of Al Andalusi on social media were surprised to discover the story of their teacher, and one exclaimed: “You are the only polyglot online who is 100% fluent in all their languages!” This is a mind-blowing discovery for them, a way that Al Andalusi fuels speculation online about its origin.

Al Andalusi argues that the key to its own versatility lies in its vocabulary-first approach. The entrepreneur believes that grammar is second only to word memorization, and his prolonged immersions in foreign societies show that such a methodology is highly effective. Al Andalusi translated its proven expertise into a sustainable and profitable company, founding the Andalus Institute in 2019 with just a few hundred dollars in total start-up costs.

The Andalus Institute was born from previous failed attempts to sell online in other niches. The Al Andalusi venture cost more than a few hundred dollars, but raising money is far from the only step in building a viable commercial product. Muhammad remembers passion and stamina as the only two things that sustained him as he struggled to find ways to pay off a $ 9,000 debt. Amazon FBA and delivery services were unable to erase the stress, doubts, or financial constraints of the situation. On the other hand, Arabic could not stay out of Al Andalusi’s mind until the young retailer finally gave in to monetize this talent. Now, for an affordable price of $ 2,000, the Arab as an Arab program showcases the treasured techniques of Al Andalusi that enjoy a number of rave reviews.

Graduates of the program do not hold back in expressing their feelings about Arabic as an Arab. One writes: “I was so surprised by the number of words from the Quran that we have covered on the show, this is what I like the most so far.” Another exclaims: “Subhanallah! I thought I was just going to learn Arabic, however, I realize that I have grasped much more … finally some structure in my life and I hope to be more disciplined in my perspective, … ”Relationship is a very important factor. in the marketing of the Andalus Institute. strategy. Muhammad’s Instagram account (@ muhammad.andalusi currently has 28.6 thousand followers) is a setting for memes, short Tik-Tok-ish parodies and brilliant videos of Middle Eastern cities. Comments are rushed, expressing awe and piqued curiosity that speak to the genius tactic of translating online conversation into sales. Students get information about their teacher’s life and can text him a series of questions at any time.

A foray into YouTube has earned Al Andalusi more than 12,000 subscribers. The videos provide in-depth analysis of everything from grammar to proper learning methods. Al Andalusi approaches its own brand with what it understands as consistency, increasing the level of trust between it and its consumer base. Al Andalusi not only monitors the learning trajectory of its students, but also verifies their mental and physical health. The entrepreneur sees school not only as a money-making machine, but also as a life purpose.

The Andalus Institute began raising an average of $ 30,000 per month, just half a year after its launch. Although Al Andalusi is baffled by the flood of demand, it is not surprised at a time when online education is held in high regard. Additionally, the coronavirus pandemic has given many ample space to pursue their interests, and language studies remain a popular option.

Al Andalusi himself is considering additions to the school, such as a course in Koranic memorization. The potential is immense, yet everything must be done with precise perfection. In this way, it will take Al Andalusi a while to feel satisfied with future merchandise before the public has access. He expects the institute’s next level of evolution to multiply in value, attracting a broader consumer base and potential heavyweight investors. But, for now, taking care of Arabic students like an Arab is Al Andalusi’s main concern.

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