The secret of a long relationship? Polarity, not balance

They say that opposites attract. Perhaps nowhere does this ring more true than when it comes to the polarizing energies of the masculine and feminine, forces that can be particularly important in creating lasting relationships and wealth.

According to The Infinite Couple, Baba Richard and Sri Namaste Moore, the differences between men and women should be celebrated, not erased. After 18 successful years together, the duo have drawn on their experience of creating a blended family, with eight adult children, to help couples find a path to “sacred love, business growth, and spiritual alchemy.”

“The whole is more than the sum of its parts with respect to the masculine and feminine,” says Richard. “Women and men bring different strengths to the table. We need to see this as something positive instead of trying to eliminate our differences or blur these lines into uniformity or homogeneity, ”he adds.

Two parts of a larger whole

The Moores embrace the divine masculine and the divine feminine as complementary forces that are the key to successful romantic and business relationships. Over the years, they have helped couples explore this polarity to make life-changing transformations that lead to deep fulfillment and self-realization.

“There is no competition between the masculine and the feminine, just a misunderstanding of the roles and position of each,” says Namaste. “I am the voice of the feminine and Baba Richard is the voice of the masculine. And when we speak, there is both a female and a male perspective. And you need these two polar energies to create anything. “

Both Richard and Namaste believe that today’s world has strayed too far from honoring these two opposing energies, often pitting them against each other. To make their point, they talk about ‘heterophobia’ – fear, aversion, and prejudice against differences between men and women.

The Infinite Couple does not see the emerging lack of distinction between the roles of men and women in the service of either sex. “Feminism wants to see women fulfilled, but its core belief that men are the problem actually creates more problems,” says Namaste.

“Numerous studies have shown that women have come a long way in terms of earning money and having more access to education and independence. But when you look at their mental and emotional health, and the real satisfaction level, it worsens at an earlier age, ”he continues.

“On the other end of the spectrum, men are no longer sure what is acceptable,” says Richard. “This sums up what is holding back men and masculinity in so many areas. It is fear and apprehension. These days, men don’t just worry about being despised or rejected. They worry about being sued. “

Touching base

Richard and Namaste believe that a communication failure is at the core of the misunderstanding between men and women when it comes to relationships and business. Their decades of corporate experience (Richard as a diversity manager and Namaste as a human resources manager), as well as their vast knowledge of conscientious and spiritual leadership, has shown them that men and women cannot speak different languages, they refuse to understand the language of others. and they hope to understand each other.

“Communication means much more than talking. It means ‘connect’. Most communication is not through words, it is through body language, tone of voice, and behavior. That is why communication exercises, which we call “communication praxis,” are crucial. Praxis means practice and what you practice you get better at, ”says Richard.

According to the Moores, the trick is to learn what the other person is really conveying, rather than projecting meaning onto what is being said. Namaste says this is particularly important when it comes to building wealth. “Too often, men and women don’t understand each other when it comes to business. Too many people think that the solution is for men to keep quiet, and they don’t. “

Lending a helping hand

The Moores use communication between the sexes as the main theme in their shows. They also have the gift of shedding light on complex spiritual teachings so that they can be applied in today’s world. And their message is being heard: They have helped countless couples around the world take their relationships and businesses to a new level.

The Infinite Couple considers that the continued maintenance of a relationship is essential to reduce the rate of “gray divorces” or divorces between older couples in long-term relationships.

“We build a new spiritual body every 6 to 12 months. So it’s normal for there to be a gradual withdrawal, ”says Namaste. “It is important that we all know how to approach this. People need to be married to each other. Not to the vision or the image. Anything more important than marriage will destroy it. “

Another of the couple’s shows is the Couple Unification Prototype Mode, or CUP Quest, which looks at eight different relationship archetypes based on famous couples like Jackie Kennedy and JFK, and Marge and Homer Simpson. After revealing its archetype, the show explores what might be preventing “marriage happiness, business dominance, and limitless abundance.”

And then there’s their flagship offering, the latest LIVE Marriage Dating Masterclass, a show showcasing Infinite Couple’s innovative approach to dating. Significantly, the program guarantees that participants will be involved within a year. “We’ve also had success stories after just six or eight months,” says Namaste.

“We know what it takes to navigate the dating scene. Most people date and hope to end up married, ”Namaste continues. “We say that you have to leave with intention. And if you approach it with your best face forward, ask the right questions, and follow our program, there will be no need for blood sacrifices to get where you want to be. “

Prioritize relationships

According to Infinite Couple, making your relationship a key focus is paramount when it comes to creating lasting and happy unions. “Whether you are single, newly married, or have been married for decades, we can help you create a deeply satisfying relationship that invokes your gifts and amplifies your talents,” says Namaste.

“I see too many people let their lives get in the way of happiness,” adds Richard. “Thinking, ‘When I make enough money, after I get my degree, when the next horizon passes, then it will happen to me.’ And what we teach them is to simply turn that telescope and make love a singular focus. From this, all the things you are trying to achieve will become much easier. “

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