The secret behind Leslie McElwreath becoming a real estate mogul

Greenwich, Connecticut is one of the most exclusive real estate markets in the United States, and it is here that Leslie McElwreath has held the title of best real estate agent for two years in a row. Her education includes degrees in Economics, as well as Management and Organizational Behavior, which she earned with honors from Phillip Exeter Academy, and again from Brown University. Leslie has used this education and her extensive experience in sales and marketing to make a name for herself as someone who gets spectacular results and does it with unparalleled customer service. It’s no wonder why she has maintained her place at the top of the Greenwich market, not to mention Sotheby’s top 10 real estate agents nationwide. But what is it that has made her so successful as a real estate agent, and in such a short time?

The foundation

Leslie attributes much of her success to her background in marketing and finance. Believe it or not, she developed these skills not in real estate, but as a finance executive on Wall Street. Working at companies like JP Morgan, Bear Stearns & Co, and Drexel Burnham & Lambert, she honed her ability to meet customer needs and close sales over the course of a decade and a half. In addition, she also gave him the unique opportunity to understand how people on both sides of these transactions think and do business. Leslie may not have known it at the time, but this knowledge is something she now considers indispensable, as it would give her an amazing advantage over the competition once she joined the real estate scene. Many of the sales she would then negotiate would be with exactly these kinds of people: buyers, sellers, issuers, financial masters and Wall Street titans.

Transferring the skills to your dream

After 15 years as a Wall Street executive, Leslie no longer felt this was her calling and found herself in need of a change of scenery. But where could she apply her vast experience in marketing and sales? After stocks, Leslie’s most obvious and profitable option was real estate, but she had no intention of starting small. She was aiming straight for the top of the food chain in the real estate game, and for her, this was becoming part of Sotheby’s International Realty. In her words, “Sotheby’s is the leading real estate company in my area, the country and, in my opinion, the world.” Unfortunately, during the time of this transition from finance to real estate, Sotheby’s was not accepting new agents. Ever tenacious, she refused to let this stop her and instead decided to join another firm called William Raveis, building her name and her book of business. Just 2 years later, she had positioned herself as the ideal candidate for Sotheby’s, and when she tried to rejoin, she was immediately welcomed with open arms.

Earn the trust of successful people

Since joining her dream firm, Leslie McElwreath has carved out something of a niche real estate kingdom in Greenwich Estates. In the face of increasingly destabilizing real estate market conditions, he has sold numerous iconic turn-of-the-century properties, including, but not limited to, the estate of successful financier Stan Druckenmiller, as well as Mel Gibson’s previous estate, Old Mill Farm, and The Estate. Dunellen Hall by Leona and Harry Helmsley. With grace, finesse and experience, he has effectively put these high-end properties into new and loving hands. Additionally, he has held the Greenwich Estates real estate crown for the past 2 years, which have been possibly the worst years for real estate in modern history thanks to the global pandemic. Suffice to say, Leslie’s place as the number 1 agent in the field and in the top ten at Sotheby’s is more than deserved.

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