The Rise and Future of Digital Marketing in the Post-Pandemic World by Marco Valentinsig

If you are reading this article at any time in 2020, you have witnessed the rarest events in documented human history. While we have archaeological evidence of civilizations that were destroyed by calamities, all of those events were limited by area and we hardly have documented evidence of something that not only affected but stopped the entire world. Marco Valentinsig, the Italian marketing genius, suggests that this is probably the first time a disease has paralyzed the entire world.

Hoping that there won’t be a second global wave of the virus, Marco believes that the world is in recovery mode and that the world has changed dramatically as well. It has seen the global shift from all pre-pandemic strategies of indirect marketing to a time when everyone is marketing to reach the end consumer directly.

“The world of product placement, sales strategy and marketing media has been completely rebooted and it’s like a new beginning. Digital has redefined the entire shopping experience. Consumers around the world have embraced digital solutions quickly. “

Marco is the founder and current CEO of ‘BeLiked’, a new advertising company based in Northern Italy. Beliked executives develop strategies and oversee content creation for promotional campaigns across all sections of the media and even popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Houzz, etc.

Beliked provides each of its clients with a robust technical solution spearheaded by brilliant minds that weave their magic with tailored solutions that fit the requirements at all times. At the same time, providing quick and tangible solutions without removing the human touch from marketing processes.

Marco further shares: “The sheer amount of work available is proof that the world has embraced digital media with open arms. While many players have been forced to take this step, there is little to suggest that we would see a decline in digital reach, even with the return of traditional retail and the restoration of other supply chain mechanisms. “

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