The reach of cryptocurrencies is limitless if done the right way, says subject matter expert Mirko Scarcella from Lion adv.

Successful entrepreneur Mirko Scarcella has been among the pioneers in exploiting the influence of social media with his marketing ventures to help users gain popularity on Instagram by creating wide visibility for all of his diverse elite clientele. He pioneered the sponsorship of social media product placement by celebrities and famous influencers. Celebrities and VIPs have trusted his work. He is passionate about social media and communication; His recent experience has focused on the stock markets and cryptocurrencies. Mirko founded LION ADV, Inc, which specializes in cryptocurrency marketing. LION ADV has been able to widely promote crypto projects by creating relationships with celebrities, using the allure of cryptocurrencies.

Mirko and LION ADV have created successful relationships for crypto projects promoting them through the Instagram and Twitter platforms of renowned celebrities around the world, generating visibility and credibility in these cryptocurrencies.

A crypto project is very likely to be successful with the right exposure on social media, and as crypto marketers Mirko and Lion Adv have shown, celebrity use of the social media platform can increase visibility. of crypto projects.

Mirko and LION ADV, have the power to use ONE Time Squares, one of the most important Billboard’s worldwide to advertise cryptocurrencies, the same Billboard used by the most powerful companies in the USA and worldwide as the commercial marketing presence of the stock exchange. Nasdaq securities. where every morning the stock market is opened to investors and the most recognized companies worldwide are exposed.

Lion ADV, Inc is a Miami based company that specializes in digital marketing. Lion Adv, Inc was founded in 2019 by Mirko Scarcella, Marketing and Communication Expert. Lion was born as a marketing company focused on growing social media for businesses and celebrities. In 2020, Lion Adv decided to use his experience in marketing and the entertainment industry and focus on the growth of cryptocurrencies, and new projects in Binance BSC Blockchain and then in Pancake swap and Bitmart and in Ethereum blockchain and then Uniswap and Dextools. io. Lion has been a part of various crypto projects, including meme tokens and many more structured projects.

Mirko’s words “There is no business or profession that does not benefit from using the opportunities offered by social networks. It creates a wide audience reach, which positively benefits the person, the company or the brand to a great extent. “

Mirko moved to Miami a few years ago, where he currently lives with his American model wife Dashil Hernandez, and their lovely daughter Sienna Scarcella.

Mirko Scarcella is now the author of three books, his second book The Bible: SUCCESSFUL MONEY FROM FAME, has been successful since he leaked all his valuable marketing secrets for a successful social media career. He shows how to achieve popularity across all social media platforms such as Instagram, Tik Tok, Twitter and how to turn your popularity into business and business into cash. It explains how you can build your wealth from scratch to become a social media star, earn lots of money, and become popular through these platforms. Mirko proves that a vast majority of millionaires and wealthy people are SELF-MADE. Scarcella encourages people in hers to read it and change their mindset towards success.

The great boxer and one of the highest paid athletes in the history of the sport, Mr. Floyd Mayweather writes Mirko’s preface: How many of you have a dream? The world has changed a lot in recent years. Thanks to Instagram you can become a millionaire and this book explains how. […] Do not give up. Time to win! This manual from my friend Mirko teaches you how to create your popularity within the parameters of Instagram, build your reputation, make your company influential and sell merchandise through the web. “

Famous American photographer David LaChapelle contributed to the cover of Scarcella’s book. LaChapelle has captured top celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio, Whitney Houston, Dua Lipa. Mirko was photographed at the Los Angeles artist studio.

Mirko Scarcella has released another book, “The Business Game”, a book presented at ONE Times Square, New York, a foreword by American star Nicky Jam. In the preface to The Business Game, Nicky Jam says “so I’m happy to have been chosen to invite you to read a story like mine, Mirko, another young man who had to go through so many things, to come today to tell his story, and here I leave it for you to read … “

Mirko, the successful Instagram entrepreneur writes about all the people in his adult life, how he started working at ZARA, and when and how he decided to pursue his dreams and goals and then pursue his dream career. He was able to follow his intuition and began to get involved in the world of social media, ultimately; becoming an expert and guru of Instagram growth who excels in growing the presence and visibility of his clients from various sectors and fields.

Mirko has had the pleasure of working with various sectors such as the fashion industry, celebrities, lawyers, plastic surgeons, and many others. Mirko says there is no profession that cannot benefit from a smart social media presence. His second book, “The Bible: Success, Money Fame,” features relevant social media content with proven results.

Mirko Scarcella and Dashil Hernandez, a famous American model known as DASH, are happily married in Miami, FL. Mirko Scarcella has become known as an established entrepreneur in the digital world and has also had great success as an author.

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