The New York Independence Party has selected Brock Pierce as the US presidential nominee.

The New York Independence Party nominated Brock Pierce for president. He recently made his decision at his recent presidential nomination convention. IPNY has selected Brock Pierce for the presidential race after seeing his pioneering work in digital currency and the philanthropic world.

IPNY is the largest third-party political organization in the US with over 500,000 members. It represents the largest organized group of moderate voters in the electorate. According to IPNY President Frank MacKay, Brock Pierce is a suitable candidate for these unique times and the challenges facing the nation.

It is due to the fact that he has experience in science, technology and digital economy that is essential to transform people’s lives. He has said that IPNY seeks independent and progressive leadership. Brock Pierce views IPNY’s support as a great achievement that will strengthen his campaign.

Brock Pierce has a good track record as a leader in technological innovation and the economies of digital currency. Due to his strong inclination towards technology, Brock launched himself into the corporate world and has created many jobs using emerging technologies. And in this way, he has taken the American economy to a new height.

In addition to supporting Brock Pierce, the party has also endorsed Karla Ballard for vice president. The New York Independence Party has also unveiled its new website to disseminate information about the party, the presidential race, and the mission.

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