The most lucrative business ideas worth trying

Currently, there are approximately 582 million entrepreneurs. Why so many? The lure of the corporate lifestyle is tempting – who wouldn’t want to be their own boss? That’s the end goal, but we’re at the beginning, so where do you start? About 10% of companies struggle to get out of the small business pond and into the big business sea – these are some of the most lucrative startup ideas that will see you swimming with the big brands.

Website construction

You don’t need to be a website expert to start a lucrative website building business; you just need to be better at it than someone who has no idea what they are doing. One option is to become a WIX partner and use their domain name generator and other great tools to design a professional website. WIX has more than 500 customizable templates that allow you to produce HTML5 websites using drag and drop tools.

Another option is to explore changing websites. The change of website is a new business idea that is the talk of people who want to make money easily from home. Take a run down website and improve the design and features to sell it for profit. There are online marketplaces for ecommerce websites that need a facelift.

Subscription boxes

Subscription boxes have expanded to fill a multitude of niches, from fitness to animal care. Subscription charts attract more attention because there is the promise of consistent monthly recurring income – an investor’s dream. Keep in mind that the most successful companies require financial support from investors.

Your goal should be to sell products that consumers find very valuable for an incredibly low price. Consumers see this as a must-have bargain, and so begins the monthly recurring income. Here are some examples of the most popular subscription charts if you are looking for inspiration:

Beauty – The Dollar Shave Club Beauty – Birchbox Pets – Barkbox Food – HelloFresh

Take a look at the examples mentioned above and get inspired by their business model and execution. Consider price versus box value, product purchase, and the demands of your target consumers.


If you are looking to sell products online, look no further. Dropshipping is an innovative business model suitable for people wanting to invest but struggling to raise funds.

This is known as the compliance method. In reality, a store does not keep the advertised products in stock, but buys them from an external supplier.

You, the person who advertises the products, receives the product from the third-party vendor and sends it to the customer through their website to place the order. It is not as complicated as it seems; simplifies B2C sales which can often be a minefield to navigate. There are endless dropshipping niches to choose from, follow the link to discover some of the most popular!

Food trucks

Food trucks are an exciting and lucrative business idea for avid food enthusiasts. Food is the way to many people’s hearts. Inspiring creativity and building communities around the world, food is more than something you eat.

The great thing about food trucks is that you don’t need fancy qualifications or years of experience in the food industry. You need a food truck equipped with kitchen equipment, an idea of ​​where to buy ingredients in bulk, and a love of blending flavors to form culinary heaven.

The average food truck in a busy metropolis can generate between $ 20,000 and $ 50,000 in sales each month. In smaller cities, it costs more between $ 5,000 and $ 16,000 a month. Still, the lower end of the profit scale is desirable for a small business owner.

Dog walking services / daycare

Dog walking and daycare services have become more popular. It’s important to have on mind; It will be easier to earn more money from a daycare service than from a dog walking service. The average cost of a walking service is $ 16 per walk. There are only so many dogs that you can walk at once and so many walks that you can fit in the day.

However, running a successful daycare service requires many fur-covered clients. Enter the dog walking service. It is feasible to start by opening a dog walking service and building a large customer base first. That will give you time to build a brand, network, and grow your business.

Dog kindergartens or boarding facilities typically charge $ 30- $ 50 a day. Let’s say you have 30 days in a day and you charge $ 30. That’s $ 900 per day. Minus the cost of rent, utility bills, and other overheads, and you’ll make an instant profit.

Having a viable and profitable business idea is the hard part. The figures indicate that around 2,000 companies are launched every day. There is always room for another million dollar idea and the opportunity to create a respected brand. Which of the above ideas appeals to you the most?

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