The Lintz brothers put a spin on self-investment with BitClout and $ HighKey Coin

Investing in yourself is vital to the success of any business. Usually this means arming the individual with enough skills and experience to help them during their business journey, but this is not always the case.

At other times, when a person is already a businessman, self-investment can also mean investing sufficient resources and capital in an existing business for further growth and development.

HighKey Enterprises LLC co-founders Jordan, Luke and Jackson Lintz are experts in this form of investment. They understand that being successful in their field means choosing to invest in themselves for the long term. As a leading celebrity brand management company, this amounts to investing in your own brand through leading campaigns and press releases, just like what they do for all of their clients.

“The most effective and profitable way to advertise today and in the future is to invest in your brand. This means investing in social media content, growth and press, ”says Luke Lintz. “These three things are the best long-term investments any entrepreneur could invest in.”

However, a revolutionary platform called BitClout has allowed the Lintz brothers to take their commitment to self-investment to the next level. BitClout is the first open source social media site to decentralize social media. Furthermore, the platform is not owned by any individual or corporation. This gives users the confidence that their personal information will not be used or exploited.

But what makes BitClout exciting for all content creators, celebrities, brands, and companies like HighKey is the introduction of creator coins. These currencies can turn online presence into capital, as people can invest in a user’s currency that is available through the platform. Furthermore, the profiles of famous personalities have also been preloaded on the BitClout platform by extracting Twitter’s open API to allow users to start investing in their top brands.

For HighKey, this gives them the opportunity to self-invest even more because BitClout gave them the ability to support their brand through their own cryptocurrency, HighKey Coin.

“We want HighKey Coin to be as valuable as possible through our existing business and network,” says Jordan Lintz. “We want to dominate the social space, just like we are dominating any other commercial enterprise.”

As strong believers in self-investment, HighKey isn’t far from doing just that. A month after HighKey Coin went live, it already became part of BitClout’s Top 100 Coins. And now, it has solidified its position as one of the top 20 currencies on the platform.

For Luke Lintz, self-investment will mean victory or defeat for any creator coin under BitClout, and since HighKey Coin is all about investing in their brand, they are definitely on their way to reaching the # 1 spot.

“BitClout will be a place where entrepreneurs and companies who strongly believe in investing in themselves will come and become the best creators, because investment in their brand will directly correlate with their visibility and influence on the platform.”

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