The JungleU, a sales agency that grew out of the Silva brothers taking a risk

Victor Silva and William Silva are brothers who currently own and run a sales agency called JungleU.

The Jungle U is a compilation of individuals who focus on “maximizing growth not only financially, but in all aspects of life,” said Víctor Silva.

The Jungle U aims to be an exclusive group where the “typical education system” is reformed to improve efficiency. Thus, allowing people to maximize their potential as entrepreneurs and learn skills that “college will never teach these days.” The Silva Brothers use their group to implement their knowledge of financial growth, social skills, mindset strengthening, power of influence, and much more.

The Jungle U is a free group to join from now on, but only the cream of the crop is hand-picked by identical twins Victor and William. The Silva Brothers refer to their group as a tool that “helps others start the life they have been imagining instead of starting a life of debt.”

Victor and William Silva’s entrepreneurial endeavors began at a digital marketing agency they created when they finished high school. They built and worked their business day and night to develop business knowledge. A year later, they were able to network with other entrepreneurs, which eventually led to a summer sales job. After selling door-to-door alarm systems for two years and making a name for themselves in the industry, the Silva Brothers decided to use their sales skills and move on to high ticket sales. Although their responsibilities doubled, Victor and William were now able to manage and grow their own personal sales team.

Then the Jungle U was born.

Since the creation of his team, a primary goal has been “to continue to improve and grow our organization,” said William. The Jungle U currently has 55 in-house sales representatives and the group’s current home base is in Northern California. Victor stated that he (along with his brother William) “plans to relocate their operations to the Sunshine State, Florida.”

School was never the route for the Silva brothers and Víctor acknowledges that they were lucky enough to discover it from the beginning. They were both freshmen in college when they decided to make the decision to drop out of school. To escape the traditional 9-5 route, universities etched into society were placed in a position where their success depended solely on their effort and motivation. Rather than take the “safest” route, the Silva brothers decided to pursue the dream of becoming entrepreneurs and business owners. With the goal of 2021 being to “join the 1 percent by age 21,” they don’t plan to slow down their

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