The journey of photographer Luca Boschi, also known as ‘thelightarchitect’

Every photographer’s journey is different and is reflected in their clicks. Luca Boschi is a popular name when it comes to photography. This photographer was born in Teramo, a small town in Italy. During his early influences, he leaned towards experimental art. The photographer developed an interest in studies and representations of an experimental nature. This later resulted in him becoming the director of several historical re-enactments.

The photographer started clicking at the age of 25. These images were mostly of friends and models on the street. Here, he studied the effects of natural lighting. Many of these images were bought by local magazines and newspapers and this brought him his first camera.

The next step he took was to start working as a photojournalist. At this stage in life, the photographer began to save for his own studio. In 2013, the photographer established his own studio setup with professional equipment. Now, I was filming both indoors and outdoors. This made him master both natural and artificial lighting. Also, this helped take street photography and glamorous studio shots.

In 2018, his friend and famous Italian influencer Dellimellow featured him as ‘thelightarchitect’ on Instagram and Youtube. In a span of two years, he earned more than 20,000 followers. He invented his personal style of photography and playing with light. He developed a personal technique called shadow weaving. His signature style has dark images with play of light on models where the light bends and falls on the model.

Luca believes that right now what he is doing is not driven by money. Rate your work as driven by art.

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