The inspiration behind hip-hop artist Donnie B Good

Indie rapper Donnie B good began releasing music in 2014 with a mixtape titled First impression and this year he will release his seventh mixtape Cruise control volume 2. Although not currently working under a label, Donnie B has worked with a host of figures in the music industry to produce his music. Cash Jundi, G&B Productions, Puro Beats, D’Artiz, Decicco Beats and Isacc Toman are just a few.

He revealed that there are two icons in the Rap industry that inspire him. First, “Lil Wayne inspires me from a pure music point of view, that’s why I’m strong at the punchline. I am a Waynehead at heart. In the commercial aspect, Jay-Z would say because it makes great commercial movements ”. Without a doubt, the people you will reach also play a huge role in the motivation behind Donnie B Good’s work. “I want you to know that no matter how difficult it is to achieve something and how much it seems like you are not getting credit, or that the process seems like it is not working, it continues to work. It’s going to pay off ”.

And Donnie B’s music has connected with his audience. The impulse that drives him, along with his love for creating good music, is “the love of people I’ve never met in my life, who come up to me and tell me how they feel about my music. Knowing that I have touched someone with something I wrote ”.

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