The Detroit, Michigan DJ rumor can do both

Tyler Shamoun, also known as DJ Rumor, is an artist and DJ from Detroit, Michigan who can do both when it comes to producing and being a musician. DJ Rumor is changing the game and gaining a lot of attention throughout his city.

Beginning his career at age 25, Tyler toured the United States as a DJ. Opening for artists like Grimes, Wiz Khalifa, and Diplo. Shortly after, he was invited to record his new music inside the studio of downtown Timberland in Philadelphia. Where he remained for months dominating and perfecting his craft. There he created 3 tracks, “Faded Realm”, “Secrets” and “Crossfire”. All 3 are great in their own right, racking up thousands of streams in their week since their debut.

Next month, DJ Rumor is looking to release a song with Graham Kramer, which will be something to watch out for.

Hear the DJ rumor here:

DJ Rumor’s Instagram:

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