The Determined Dreamer: The Rise of Rani Rafees in the Media World

“My intention is to provide quality content on social networking sites for the people”, Rani Rafees.

After the Industrial Revolution took place, Science and Technology has been developing drastically. Many new apps and websites have taken place in this era within a small time span. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tiktok have changed the lives of numerous people. Many of these apps have helped people to grow both economically and socially. Many started to influence the world. One such influencer is Rani Rafees.

Rani Rafees was born in Sri Lanka. As she was brought up soon in the region of United Arab Emirates, she represents a great cultural heritage with rich values. Since her childhood she possessed great interest in the media and entertainment industry. To complete her dreams of being an influencer she started from the base. Tiktok was introduced in the year 2016. She soon joined Tiktok and made quality contents for the audience. Her followers rapidly grew in the both apps, Tiktok and Instagram, but she thought this wasn’t enough for her dreams. Her dreams were high and she had the wings to fly high in the sky of her dreams. To pursue her dreams she moved to United States and soon enrolled herself into a film school to study acting, screenwriting and directing.

She made the best use of the social media apps to provide quality contents based on her thoughts, her travel diaries, empowering women, social causes and encouraging people to follow their dreams no matter how hard the path is. She even made videos on dance, comedy, food vlogs, education and even collaborated with other brands etc. Soon she gained a unique popularity among the masses. People started getting influenced by her and her followers grew from 300k to 500k+ in Instagram. Soon she became the co-founder of Al Fateh Marketing Agency.

Rani Rafees is not only limited to influencing people through her social media presence, but she is also involved in the music industry. In addition to being an influencer, she is also a musical artist

Standing 1.62m tall with her perfect brown eyes and hair suiting best for her reputed personality, she turned into an entrepreneur. She started her own business of fashion and beauty brand which has gained a great height because of her business mind and innovative ideas. The proud moment for her was when she was awarded with two prestigious awards, Meitalk Top 100 Influencers 2022 and the SHE PERSONALITY AWARDS.

With her original contents, amazing personality, she built her own family among the masses. She has given the example of how a woman can pursue her dreams. She is now a true inspiration for many.

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