The determination and stamina to pursue a dream is the reason behind O Racks’ rise to the top of the rap world.

O Racks faced obstacles in life, but with a passion to achieve his dreams, he overcame them and became a successful rap music artist.

To achieve a goal in your life, you must possess hard work, determination, and the will to succeed. The same is true in the music industry, many people aspire to make a name for themselves, but only a few break the industry and achieve success through their talent. To forge a successful journey, one must break the prevailing beliefs in the world of music and show a unique perspective on them. One of those unique individuals created history by rising in the industry with his unique style of rap music; it is about Omari Fell, better known as “O Racks”.

O Racks was born and raised in Hempstead and was drawn to rap and music from a very young age. He was influenced to make a name for himself in the world of rap and relentlessly pursued his dream with innate passion and dedication. But his path to glory was fraught with challenges and twists and turns. Or Racks had a troubled childhood and was involved with the wrong influencers. At just 14 years old, he violated probation and found himself locked up; he was also subjected to being in a group home for a few months. At age 15, O Racks was stabbed multiple times in the back, grazed on his foot and shot in the hand. He faced the harsh reality of his life and found inspiration to end it and focus solely on carving out a career in the music industry.

He found peace by listening to music and was able to stay away from depression due to music. O Racks was in prison and continued creating raps and formed a group called “Tree Gang”. Going to prison transformed O Racks, he desperately wanted to change his life and follow his dreams and as soon as he got out of jail he decided to create more music with more enthusiasm and vigor. Their debut single was made as a music video and audiences loved it.

As O Racks got a great response, it expanded its reach to places like California, Atlanta, Rhode Island, Miami, etc. O Racks worked with mainstream talents like Richthekid and collaborated on the songs “Look at me” and “Prices,” which even made it to the radio. He created his music label called Tree Gang Ent. and took him to Hollywood. O Racks’ “Peso” has been viewed over a million times and their latest single “Pop Out / So Hempstead (Freestyle)” has set the music world on fire.

O Racks’ determination and vigor to achieve his dreams have led him to work with industry stalwarts such as Sosa Geek, Don Q, Rah Swish, etc. and producers like Dj Victorious, & Chase Davis, Yamaica and many others, and it’s just getting started. .


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