The Best Alternative To Growthoid – Growthoid Review

There are many different options available today when it comes to growing Instagram. So many that it can seem a bit overwhelming at times. Companies that promise you additional followers or rapid growth, can they really do everything they claim to do?

In this article, I review Growthoid, a service that I decided to use and regretted, how it works, is it safe, and also how it compares to some newer services on the market.

How does Growthoid work?

“We help you get more real followers on Instagram. No fakes, no bots ”- this is the information that is written on the Growthoid site. Reassuring words to watch, especially when you know there are so many scams around you. However, this is definitely not the case.

Growthoid claims that by signing up with them, they will connect you with your own account manager, who will engage with your target audience. They list their steps as the first to make a list of accounts that have similar interests to their audience, so that they can target people who may be interested in their content. They then claim to “grasp your knowledge” (great English, right?), By manually targeting people who fit your ideal demographic. Finally, after this, they claim that you will see an immediate increase in followers on Instagram.

The reality seems to be a bit more grim. Sadly, I decided to use Growthoid for my own Instagram and learned the hard way not to trust them.

I chose their ‘Premium’ plan at $ 99 per month. Do you know what I have for that? Lots of nothing. Any. Any. The only thing I saw was that they took $ 99 off my account every month without any growth on my Instagram and despite my numerous attempts, I was unable to cancel my membership due to lack of communication from them.

Is Growthoid a scam?

A simple Growthoid review search reveals the reality of how Growthoid actually works. Review after review establishes that Growthoid takes your money and does practically nothing to help your Instagram account (as was my case); and in fact you can even suspend it as a result of bot usage.

If you hadn’t already guessed from the above, then yes, there are definitely aspects of Growthoid’s service that seem sketchy, to say the least. Negative reviews are hard to ignore. Money is taken without any work being done, bots are used, and consequently IG accounts are banned for misconduct. To make matters worse, it is almost impossible to get in touch with them. The only communication method they have “available” is email, which is never responded to.

What is the best alternative to Growthoid?

It’s hard to trust any online service again after being scammed. Really difficult. So you’ll forgive me if I was so cautious, I almost became cynical when it came to enlisting the help of another IG growth company.

Back to the drawing board. After hours and hours of research, I finally settled on FollowFox. They seemed to get great reviews and all the information I could find suggested they were legit and could really go a long way towards seeing REAL growth on my Instagram.

Why FollowFox?

Simple: FollowFox does what it says on the tin. He’s honest, trustworthy, and shows GREAT results. It is so refreshing to talk to real people! As soon as you sign up, you will have two team members assigned to you: a growth expert and an account manager. Your AM will go over your target audience and growth strategy with you, and then the Growth Expert will go to work, which means that you will actually see results in the form of real organic growth for your IG.

FollowFox Features

FollowFox has some really cool features. The following list is not exhaustive:

Great communication. Your account manager is literally available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have or make changes to your target audience or strategy. Dashboard function. Many of the reviews I read mentioned this so I was curious to see what it was about. Your personal dashboard lists all the statistics of your IG growth. You can access your weekly, monthly and yearly growth report to see how well the service is working. Organic and real GI growth. You will start to see very soon that the followers you receive are real people, real businesses, real accounts. After going through what I did with Growthoid, you learn to recognize when something is legitimate and when it is not. Also, the growth you receive comes from people who are genuinely interested in your IG page. A victory for all! Great prices. We’ll talk more about pricing below, but overall FollowFox offers a very profitable service.

FollowFox pricing

As mentioned above, FollowFox offers a profitable service. You can choose from three different packages, depending on the type of growth you want to achieve and your budget. I chose the Influencer package which costs $ 89 per month. There is also a cheaper option called Personal ($ 59), which targets individual IG pages looking for a little help in gaining new followers. Then there is the most expensive package, Business, at $ 229 a month. While this may seem like a pretty steep price tag, the FollowFox team stops at nothing to ensure your company’s IG page receives the highest organic growth possible.

FollowFox Reviews

The reviews are what led me to consider FollowFox in the first place. Most are really positive and seem genuine, and myself, a FollowFox customer, I can totally understand why. These are some of the reviews I found online after a quick search.


When weighing things up, it’s clear which is the best option here. Sometimes you need to have experienced a scam to recognize the signs of one. FollowFox is everything Growthoid is not. Honest, friendly, professional, affordable and IT WORKS!

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