The Benefits of Accountability: How Following in Your Mentor’s Footsteps Can Lead to Success and Fulfillment

Adam Jablin has first-hand experience of all things business. Beyond finding success for himself, he often explores the ins and outs of helping others stay committed to their goals and helps them find their own version of success.

Although from the outside Adam makes success look easy, he’ll actually be the first to admit that there are some key hurdles people often face after committing to any goal.

“I think the main obstacles we face when committing to a goal are both fear and decision making. The fear of the result and that we will not get what we set out to do manifests itself in the lack of a real decision to participate! Adam outlines.

What Adam has found in working with his own clients is that the real elements that keep them from finding success consistent with their habits and goals are often manifestations of underlying fear. Adam calls these subconscious lies: These lies can range from not believing you’re good enough, not believing you’re worth it, or not believing you can achieve goals within your reach.

“Success requires discipline, dedication, perseverance and effort. I review my goals daily, read them out loud: it’s essential! But success and fulfillment are two different things. I have very successful clients who are not happy, not satisfied, that’s an inside job.” Adam explains.

Staying committed to your goals can seem like a daunting task; Fortunately, Adam was able to break it down into four key methods. The first is to start small: By doing something every day to help build his habit, he can break it down into manageable chunks that are less overwhelming.

Second, Adam recommends starting and tracking your progress through a “streak”—the motivation to stick to the pattern every day is often enough to get you involved in a task you might otherwise neglect.

Third, Adam recommends responsibility. For his clients, this means sharing his progress, or lack thereof, with Adam himself. If he’s working toward goals on his own, this method can still be used: simply choose one person to write down goals for him that will keep him engaged and accountable. When you are afraid of disappointing someone else, you will have more motivation to keep going.

“With my clients, I have daily check-ins and take precise notes of where they are. I do not force a premature outcome on my mind. I allow the process to happen. We build the building one brick at a time.” Adam comments.

Lastly, and most importantly, Adam recommends rest and recuperation.

“You need to know when it’s time to take your foot off the gas, although to be honest I’m still working on it. Discipline is one of my strongest assets. After my faith and belief, my discipline is what keeps me on track.” Adam says.

For Adam, he finds that the most helpful method for creating a successful habit is to do his research by reading everything available about what he wants to accomplish.

“I try to study those who came before me and emulate them, while leaving enough room to breathe and be myself.” Adam says.

As someone who plays the role of mentor to many of his clients, it’s no surprise that Adam has a huge following in his footsteps. He admits that even though he’s in the role of mentor, it can be hard to stay motivated and inspired when he’s having a bad day. Yet with so many depending on him, he always finds a way to get by.

“I don’t hear that voice in my head. That voice wants to be a victim or take it easy. But it’s just a thought! There are miracles on the other side of not listening to that voice.” Adam explains.

To learn more about Adam, be sure to visit his website and Instagram page.

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