Texas-based multi-talented artist, Joseph Crawford’s work is producing creative music

Joseph Crawford, a Dallas, Texas-based songwriter, producer, guitarist, and electronic DJ, is introducing creative work to the music industry. He constantly works in his studio to bring out something innovative for his listeners. It is the result of their hard and deep work that their 2019 single “Burn” made Beatport No. 1 on trap / future bass.

Not only this, “Burn” also made it to Liquid Todds radio show “BPM”. The single is very close to 1 million plays on Spotify today and is also listed on Spotify’s “bass arcade”, “trap mojito” and “creamy” playlists, which also has other songs by famous artists like Martin garrix.

Due to his musical training, Joseph Crawford is deeply attached to his work and loves to spend most of his free time in his studio. With the help of his musical experience, Joseph managed to spend the first years of his life playing different musical instruments. During his time in high school, he played the trumpet and guitar.

It is his deep interest in music that inspired him to learn piano after high school. In early 2014, the talented music artist learned the art of DJing from his local friend. Post this, Joseph was inspired to start creating his own art. And he got great success and credibility after releasing a couple of releases in the electronic music industry.

Joseph loves spending time with his fiancee Danielle and their two cats Dimitri and Alexei when he’s feeling down and down. And his hobby list includes building his Roush Stage 3, discovering new foods in the Dallas area, and traveling to new places.

Visit their Spotify profile – https://open.spotify.com/artist/2s6N4BAIZwWLeKdRkEPnXS?si=_Kq3eGQvQiydWl3mTtP99A

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