Taking the photography industry to the higher realms is Gabriel Maia, one of the most sought-after photographers of recent times.

Every shot and every photo taken by this extraordinary photography talent is woven into a beautiful story all of its own.

People in this world excel in life with the innate talents they have or with the many new things they learn along their journey. It depends on the decisions a person makes that help them understand their true calling and move forward with determination in achieving their goals in life. Photography itself is a vast world, which has given birth to several impeccable talents, offering art that brings comfort and peace to people’s minds and hearts. One of those talented men who from his childhood completely focused on doing something in the photography industry, as he had a passion for it, is Gabriel Maia from Brazil. Putting his tireless efforts from the beginning, he helped him become not only a photographer, but also a sought-after artist, taking the photography industry to greater heights of success.

When Maia was still a teenager, she began her journey in the industry taking photos of soccer games and loved to imagine national parks and nature with her Olympus OM-2, the first advanced camera of that time. His favorite spot became Crater Lake National Park in Oregon for most of his sessions. He then began using digital cameras with the emergence of many technological advancements in the industry, and he enhanced his art and passion with Fuji and Cannon cameras.

The surprising thing is that Maia’s children, Bruno and Rosiane, were also bitten by the photography bug, naturally because they always saw their father excel as a genius in the industry. Rosiane showed great interest in the artistic world of photography and soon became a model for her father. Throughout the entire photography process, Rosiane learned the nitty-gritty of photography and also observed many other models to learn how they behave in front of the camera. One could find her behind the camera, capturing shots when she wasn’t posing for the shutter.

Traveling was also part of Maia’s plan, as she believed her greatest potentials could be met by seeing her images of the world’s scenic and natural beauty. Later, she met the curated portfolios of Photo Vogue Italia. This increased Maia’s desire to try her hand at the same and Rosiane and he began to analyze the already approved Vogue Italia portfolios and made plans accordingly. While in Indonesia, they planned a photographic expedition and took several thousand pictures on that trip. These images were finally approved and today several of those images are in Photo Vogue Italia and Art + Commerce.

Maia believes that probably nothing can beat the beauty of nature, not any studio or any set. In fact, much of the momentum Maia has gained in her career is due to her stunning nature photography and portraits of the city.

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