Surfa Solo Doesn’t Play Games With Delivery Of New ‘Ice City’ EP

With his latest effort Ice City, Surfa Solo, an up-and-coming rapper from Oakland, California, has made a statement. Surfa Solo showcased his captivating melodic flow with a Bay Area twist, which adds substantially to this gem of an EP, as the album symbolizes his city and the real-life hardships he has conquered. Surfa Solo pays homage to where he grew up, Oakland, California, on all seven tracks on the film.

Surfa Solo is setting the tone with this project and knows that all eyes are on him. Booking blockbuster features with the likes of Guapdad4000, Rayven Justice, Yhung TO and Swayze, Surfa Solo assembled a team of Bay Area artists who helped shape the sound of her project. It’s clear that the talented young artist has a skill set that sets him apart and adds value to the table.

For more on Surfa, he draws inspiration from legendary artists like Michael Jackson, Tupac Shakur, Future, and Drake, and applied what he learned from the greats to his own music career. The rapper explained why he is excited about music in a recent interview with Remixd Magazine:

“I get my passion from the feeling and journey of making music, it motivates me when I’m in the booth and gives meaning to my everyday life. I can get energy from it. My legacy inspires me to keep pushing to leave a lasting mark.”

Surfa Solo’s life reached a turning point when she decided to dedicate herself to music as a vocation “My brother was on all the radio stations and I had just got out of jail. He encouraged me to pursue music as a career.” Surfa Solo continued to share. “I knew I was on and jumping when I was released while in jail.”

After serving time in prison, Surfa Solo was released and felt he was ready to dedicate his whole life to music. His dedication eventually paid off, with tracks being featured on BET Jams and him delivering his best work to date.

Surfa Solo has been successful in achieving her goal thus far; From radio broadcasting to developing cool graphics for his songs, the artist has high ambitions to retain his name in the rap industry. The rapper wants his audience to take away a message from his new album:

Surfa Solo stated that the message she wants people to take away from her music is: “Love yourself, where you come from and where you are going”.

Surfa Solo’s new Ice City EP is now available to stream on all platforms!

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