Strength Trainer Braydon Barrett Reveals How To Shred Fat And Build Muscle At The Same Time

The fitness industry has become polarized with the hype that you need to lose fat first and then start building muscle. That has been the canonical truth that had professional and scientific evidence in its defense. Most professional coaches and athletes have led us to believe that it is impossible to build muscle and shred fat at the same time.

Some trainers like Braydon Barrett have gone the extra mile to show that it is possible to simultaneously burn fat and build muscle. Borrowing from his own experience, Braydon reveals that it’s just a matter of understanding how his body works and training it properly. In this read, share ideas on how to shred fat and build muscle simultaneously.

What does it take to build muscle and lose fat at the same time?

According to Braydon, there is nothing complicated about packing or cutting. With a great focus on detail and guided training, he and his clients have achieved a leaner body and stronger muscles.

So what is the secret?

It is about the synthesis of muscle proteins. The body’s ability to absorb protein and use it to repair muscle tissue. MPS plays an important role in the generation of new cells and removes worn tissue cells. Accelerates the cell regeneration cycle.

Under normal conditions, the body’s muscle tissue regeneration cycle is always balanced. There has to be optimal muscle protein synthesis if more muscle tissue is to be added. Therefore, your body needs to increase MPS to build bigger and stronger muscles.

Tips from Braydon Barrett to Shred Fat and Build Muscle Simultaneously

Go slow on calorie intake

The fundamental law of the dynamics of weight loss is maintaining a caloric deficit. Many people have believed the myth that eating more helps you lose weight. Eating more can only help you lose weight when you maintain the proper caloric deficit. Braydon customers recommend a 10-20% deficit for the correct caloric balance.

It would be helpful if you were careful not to increase a high deficit, as it can cause muscle wasting, loss of energy, low mood, or other related problems.

Increase your protein intake at regular intervals throughout the day.

The way to burn more calories in your body is by reducing the amount of food you eat. However, this does not mean that you should skip any meals. You should increase your protein level and eat it at regular intervals throughout the day.

While you are low calorie, your protein intake needs to be higher to ensure optimal muscle protein synthesis. When you don’t eat enough protein throughout the day, your body will go into a catabolic state. Here, muscle tissue is wasted as the body feeds on it for additional energy. Braydon recommends a regular protein intake of 1 g per 1 pound of lean body mass to achieve maximum MPS.

Many of us believe that a perfect body comes from spending all day in the gym or frequent workouts. Braydon cautions his clients about long hours of exercise. Instead, he recommends shorter and less frequent exercises.

He states that it is not the quantity of training that matters, but the quality. Muscles are not built in the gym, he says, but in the recovery period when you adapt to what you trained in the gym. When you observe a calorie deficit diet, you want to avoid long workouts and focus on short but quality routines. That way, you are sure to build muscle strength and reduce excess fat in the long run.

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